Does Your Vehicle Come With ISOFIX ?

What is ISOFIX ?

ISOFIX is an international standard for attaching child car seats directly to a vehicle’s chassis, providing a safe and secure connection. It is also known as LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) in some regions, such as the United States.

The ISOFIX system aims to simplify the installation of child car seats and improve their safety by eliminating the need for seat belts to secure the seat. It consists of two main components: the ISOFIX anchorage points in the vehicle and the compatible attachments on the child car seat.

The ISOFIX anchorage points are metal brackets or bars built into the vehicle’s rear seats. They are designed to withstand the forces exerted in the event of a collision. These anchorage points are typically located between the seat cushion and seatback or embedded within the seat structure.

The child car seat features corresponding ISOFIX attachments, usually in the form of rigid metal bars or latches. These attachments are designed to be easily and securely connected to the ISOFIX anchorage points in the vehicle. Additionally, many ISOFIX-compatible seats also have a top tether strap that connects to an additional anchor point in the vehicle to further enhance stability.

When installing an ISOFIX-compatible child car seat, you typically position it in the desired seating location, align the attachments with the ISOFIX anchorage points, and push the seat firmly into place until it clicks or locks into position. The seat should be securely attached without excessive movement.

ISOFIX provides a standardized and user-friendly method for installing child car seats, reducing the risk of incorrect installation that could compromise the safety of the child. It is important to note that not all vehicles are equipped with ISOFIX anchorage points, so it is necessary to check if your specific vehicle supports this system.


How and where can I check my vehicle for Isofix ?

To check if your vehicle has ISOFIX anchorage points, you can follow these steps:

1. Consult the vehicle’s user manual: The easiest and most accurate way to determine if your vehicle has ISOFIX anchorage points is to refer to the user manual that came with your car. The manual should provide detailed information about the features and specifications of your vehicle, including whether it is equipped with ISOFIX.

2. Check the rear seats: Physically inspect the rear seats of your vehicle. Look for metal brackets or bars between the seat cushions or in the crevice where the seatback meets the seat bottom. These brackets are typically used to secure child car seats using ISOFIX attachments.

3. Look for ISOFIX labeling: Look for labels or markings on the rear seats or in the surrounding area that indicate the presence of ISOFIX anchorage points. The labels may include the term “ISOFIX” or have a symbol that resembles an anchor or child seat.

4. Check for top tether anchorage point: In addition to ISOFIX anchorage points, some vehicles also have a top tether anchorage point, which is used to secure the top tether strap of a forward-facing child car seat. This point is usually located behind the rear seats, either on the parcel shelf or the back of the seat itself.

5. Contact the manufacturer or dealer: If you’re still unsure whether your vehicle has ISOFIX anchorage points, you can contact the manufacturer or a local dealer and provide them with your vehicle’s make, model, and year. They should be able to confirm if your specific vehicle is equipped with ISOFIX.

Remember, it’s important to follow the instructions provided by both the vehicle manufacturer and the child car seat manufacturer when installing and using an ISOFIX-compatible child car seat.

Can I use Isofix & Seat Belt together to install a car seat?

No, it is not recommended to use the Isofix system and the seat belt together to secure a child car seat. The Isofix system is a standardized anchoring system that provides a secure attachment between the car seat and the vehicle’s chassis. It typically consists of metal anchor points built into the vehicle’s structure and corresponding connectors on the child car seat.

On the other hand, the seat belt is designed to secure passengers in the vehicle, and most child car seats can be installed using the seat belt as an alternative to the Isofix system. However, it is generally advised to use either the Isofix system or the seat belt, but not both simultaneously. This is because using both methods together can interfere with the proper installation and performance of the child car seat, potentially compromising its effectiveness in protecting the child in the event of a crash.

When installing a child car seat, it’s important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use either the Isofix system or the seat belt as directed. Additionally, ensure that the child car seat is appropriate for the age, weight, and height of the child, and that it is securely installed to provide maximum safety.

Why should I use Isofix?

Using ISOFIX for securing your child car seat offers several benefits:

1. Enhanced safety: ISOFIX provides a strong and secure connection between the child car seat and the vehicle’s structure. The rigid attachments and anchorage points help to reduce the risk of the seat becoming loose or detached during a collision or sudden braking, enhancing the overall safety of the child.

2. Easy installation: ISOFIX simplifies the installation process of child car seats. With clearly defined attachment points and compatible connectors, it is easier to ensure correct installation, reducing the likelihood of errors that could compromise the seat’s effectiveness in protecting the child.

3. Reduced installation errors: Traditional seat belt installations can sometimes be challenging and prone to errors, such as improper routing, incorrect tensioning, or inadequate seat belt locking. ISOFIX eliminates many of these potential mistakes since the seat is securely connected to the vehicle using standardized attachments.

4. Time-saving: ISOFIX offers a quicker and more convenient installation compared to using seat belts. Once you are familiar with the system, securing and removing the child car seat becomes faster and easier, which is particularly beneficial for parents on the go.

5. Minimized seat movement: ISOFIX attachments, along with the top tether strap, if applicable, provide additional stability to the child car seat, minimizing its movement during normal driving or in the event of a collision. This stability helps to ensure that the child remains secure and protected.

It is worth noting that while ISOFIX is a reliable and widely adopted standard, it is essential to carefully follow the instructions provided by both the vehicle manufacturer and the child car seat manufacturer when installing and using an ISOFIX-compatible seat. This will help ensure the proper installation and optimal safety for your child.

What are the car seat with Isofix?

MYCRS Incentives 2023

What is MYCRS Incentive 2023?

MYCRS Incentive 2023 Program is a incentive program by the Malaysia Government for the citizens at M40 & B40 group to purchase the Child Restraint System (Child car seat). This initiative is to increase the usage of the car seat thus making the children safer in the moving vehicle.

Who is entitled to MYCRS Incentive 2023?

  1. Family with household income in the group of M40 & B40
  2. Family with children below 12 Years old
  3. Malaysia citizen resides in Malaysia

How do I check my application for MYCRS Incentive 2023?

Parents can start to check their application status starting 19 June 2023 at the government website.

How to choose a car seat?

Choosing the right car seat is important. Many parents are not sure which one to choose and many time we heard that parents bought the wrong car seat for their babies.

We have a quick guide here that you can refer when buying your first baby car seat. Of course, you are always welcome to visit our store or get in-touch with us for selection of car seat.

Top 10 car Seat for MYCRS Subsidi in 2022

These are the top 10 car seat (most popular base on claims in for MYCRS Subsidy Program in 2022). Hope that it can help you so that you can have some idea which to choose. 

Of course, do not hesitate to reach us for any help in choosing the right car seat for your baby and your vehicle. We are here to help.

How to I apply for MYCRS Incentive 2023?

Parents who applied for MYCRS Program in 2022. They can start to check their approval and start purchase effective 19 June 2023. 

For new application, parents can start to apply for mycrs program effective 1 July 2023 until 14 July 2023.

What are the documents I need to bring when I redeem my MYCRS Incentive 2023?

  1. Photocopy & Original Identification card (IC) of the approved applicant AND
  2. Photocopy of the mykid / birth certificates of the children below 12 year OR
  3. photocopy of Mother health book / pink book by the hospital

Where can I redeem my MYCRS Incentive 2023?

Parents can redeem their MYCRS Incentive at more than 200 participating retailers in this program nationwide. 

Note: is one of the participating retailers in this program since last year. We also have Child Occupant Safety Instructor (COSI) and Trainer that could assist you in choosing the right car seat.

How to Choose Booster Seat

How to choose a Booster seat ?

Many parents hope that one day their children does not need car seat and thus many using booster seat at the very early age. Some of the children are not even suitable for the usage of the booster seat.

Read more here how to select one and when is the best time for you to buy one for your children.

Car Seat Below RM460

Car Seat that is cheaper than RM460 Burger

Remember the case where a guys was complaining that he have to pay RM460 just to eat a burger with his friends ? That is pretty expensive burger out there.

Find out what car seat you can buy with the money and just eat Ramli burger je..

How much can I redeem my MYCRS Incentive 2023?

Parents can redeem maximum of RM150.00. If a CRS is below RM150, parents can claim the CRS at RM0 cost. If the CRS is at RM159.00, parents can claim RM150 and need to pay RM9.00 for the CRS.

How many CRS is applicable per household for MYCRS Incentive 2023?

Each household is entitled for ONE CRS for this program.

When is MYCRS Incentive 2023 Expired ?

The redemption will end in 30 September 2023.

21.7.23 Update:

The latest update from the mycrs side that the redemption has been extended to 31 October 2023

26.8.23 Update:

MYCRS Incentives almost reaches the target. Parents will be subject to whether retailers can login into the system to update their details. As of today, will not be taking in any MYCRS Incentive until further notice.

9 Things you must know about Cabin Size or Compact Stroller before REGRET buying it!

Cabin Size or Compact stroller? This is the type of strollers most parents these days look for when buying a stroller. They want it folded compact, small, space saving, easy-fold and yet steady and not shaky. Let see what are the things you shall consider before buying any of these type of strollers.

9. What is the weight of the cabin size or compact strollers?

Compact stroller does not mean it will be light. You need to understand the type of material the manufacturer use for these strollers, some are using quality material but the cost is much steep. Some strollers are cheaper because they are using a different material and the cost are much more affordable. You need to know and understand it before purchasing it.

8. How is the folding for the cabin size or compact stroller?

[row ]

[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInUp”]
Joie Signature Parcel Stroller
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInUp”]

My Dear Magic Stroller 18126

[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInUp”]
Joie Versatrax Stroller


Auto-fold mechanism is rather popular these days for cabin size or compact strollers. All you need to do is just click or press 2 buttons (Usually 2 buttons for safety purposes). The strollers will automatically fold. Some strollers will required a little push or pull for the auto-fold mechanism to work.

Even the auto-fold mechanism strollers are sometimes challenging for some parents to fold. Some cabin size or compact strollers required the strollers wheels to be at the front facing so that the strollers can be standing after is folded, otherwise, the stroller will fall flat and lie on the floor. 

Folding is the among the most important features of the strollers, we have parents debating which one to purchase because of this feature. We strongly recommend that the person using the most choose it, of course, both parties must know how to fold it so that it is easy for the other party when one is not around with them.

The more compact the strollers, the more folding requires. And usually more folding area. This will usually make the strollers less strong or hold lesser weight unless a very good quality material is used, and if it does, mean the price of the stroller will be much higher. 

7. What is the maximum weight of the strollers?

Small, light and compact stroller usually can hold lesser weight of the child compare to some of the bigger strollers. You need to understand the maximum wight of the stroller can last. 

Usually, most strollers last until 15kg (approx. 3 YO). Some up to 18kg, 22kg or 25kg. 25kg is almost the weight for most 6 years old children. 

We noticed often parents put 2 children on the strollers in the mall and usually pass the limits of the strollers. Bear in mind that this is not recommended even some strollers mentioned that they can last more than 50-60kg in weight. Unless it is tested in the report and show it. Putting 5-6 times more weight onto a stroller than is light will cause the stroller to break thus making it dangerous for the children to sit on.

6. Do cabin size or compact strollers come in Dual facing mode?

Cybex Melio Carbon Stroller Cybex Melio Carbon Stroller

Mostly no, very limited cabin size or compact strollers that can do dual facing mode. Mostly if can, the seat is separated meaning that you need to use the seat only for rear-facing and then change to another seat for forward facing. 

Those what can turn 360 strollers will not be cabin size or compact because of the turning mechanism. And usually this features will make it much more heavier than the other stroller. 

The reason for most cabin size or compact strollers to have 2 seat so that it can reduce the weight of the strollers by reducing the mechanism on the strollers. The more mechanism it added to the strollers, usually the weight will be more heavier. 

Cabin size or compact strollers that can be dual facing are usually are much more pricey compare to the other of the single facing stroller.

5. What weight do you classified as light ?

For cabin rules, other than the size that it cannot be more than 22″ x 14″ x 9″ or 45x36x20cm., the weight is also a matter to be consider. It is 7kg. 

Most strollers are at the weight of 6kg-8kg in weight for cabin size or compact strollers. 

For marketing purposes, most brands will brand their stroller cabin size when they meet both the size and weight of the cabin size requirement. 

4. How comfortable is the cabin size or compact strollers for my baby?

To make something light, the strollers has to be be as simple as possible. Take 2 minutes of your time to consider this, a sweater is usually more heavier than a T-shirt. For more comfort strollers, means more padding, thus it makes it more heavier. The more padding you need for a stroller, the more weight will make the stroller to be. 

Those who love to watch racing will also understand that the race car usually are really empty and light. They will ensure that the race car is as light as possible, if you really check out the car, you will see only a car with body, engine and a seat for the driver.

You can still add more padding for some strollers to make it more comfortable for your baby if you purchase a lesser padded strollers. Buy, if you buy those which cannot remove the padding, the stroller will be rather heavy.

3. Can cabin size or compact stroller become Travel System?

This is very subjective from model to model. Some yes and some are not able to. Even some of the cabin size or compact strollers can turn into Travel System with a Infant Carrier, some Infant Carrier might not be suitable to the stroller due to the size, not the adapter or the locking mechanism.

Some stroller does include the adapter for the travel system. For most, you will need to purchase it separately when you want to turn your stroller into the travel system with an  infant carrier. 

2. Which cabin size or compact stroller is suitable for newborn?

There are some cabin size or compact stroller is only designed for 6 months old baby. Some of them can turn into a travel system for newborn, some you will need to buy extra newborn seat to turn the 6 months stroller into a newborn stroller. Some are totally not suitable for newborn and as it. 

More and more cabin size or compact strollers are suitable for newborn now. However, it is still always recommended to check the usage before you purchase it for your baby. 

1. Can I bring my cabin size or compact stroller on board of the plane?

The answer is YES and NO! Many parents love to ask this question. Sorry that we cannot answer this question on behalf of the airlines company.

There are some parent’s manage to bring their cabin size or compact strollers onboard and some are not able to. This is all belongs to the airlines company policy and we suggest all parents to check with their respective airlines company before they decide to bring their baby stroller onboard and really allow to bring onboard.

10 Things you must know for 360 Isofix Car Seat before you buy it!

[ux_image id=”36725″]

360 Isofix Car Seat is gaining popularity in Malaysia due to it’s functions, and easy installation. Of course, as the price become rather competitive, product with this 360 features is seek by many parents these days.

360 Isofix car seat was initially designed for convenient. For parents who have backache problems and need to carry their baby out of the vehicle often. Of those parents who drive 4WD vehicle and the seat is usually much higher and very difficult for them to take out their baby especially rear-facing. Or you have a vehicle that has a small door or frame at the back.

Or you really love the convenient of this features, it’s so COOL and it is easy to take out the baby from their car seat. 

For us, we often being ask whether this features is a need. It is good to have this feature?

Parents need to know and understand few important things before getting this 360 Isofix car seat for their baby. 

No. 1. You vehicle MUST have ISOFIX anchorage.

For 360 Isofix car seat, the main things is that a vehicle must have isofix anchorage so that you can use the 360 features. For belt installation car seat (European belt path), the seat belt will go through the back of the seat thus blocking the car seat to turn. 

General rules is that all vehicle APPROVED to be sold after 2013 must have Isofix in Malaysia. But there are vehicle that are approved before that selling until 2015 that is without Isofix. The best way to check is to find it out yourself by going to the back of the seat and check the seat. Use you hand to feel if you cannot see the Isofix sign at the seat bigh.


[col span=”4″ animate=”bounceInRight”]

Combi Culmove Smart 360 Belted Car Seat


[col span=”8″ animate=”bounceInRight”]

Note: We have search many brands and manage to found a 360 car seat that is install using seat belt – Combi Culmove Smart 360 Eggshock Convertible Car Seat.



No. 2. There are 2 type of 360 Isofix car seat. One is Isofix with Load Leg / Support Leg installation, another one is Isofix with Top Tether Installation.


[col span=”6″ animate=”rotateInDownRight”]

Combi S Isofix 360 I-Size Car Seat BEIGE

Isofix With Load Leg / Support Leg


[col span=”6″ animate=”rotateInDownRight”]

Sparco Spin 360 Convertible Car Seat

Isofix With Top Tether



Isofix comes in a sets with either Load Leg / Support Leg or with Top Tether. Isofix anchorage prevent the car seat from moving forward during the collision. And the Load Leg / Support Leg or the Top Tether prevent the car seat from rotation during the crash. 

It is really important to check your vehicle for isofix anchorage system. We found out that there are some vehicle that comes with Isofix anchorage but does not have Top Tether anchorage.

No. 3. 360 Isofix car seat is higher price compare to vehicle belt installation car seat. Usually the price of above RM500.

We were often ask by parents whether the car seat that is below RM500 got Isofix and can turn 360 or not. The answer is actually Yes & No. 

As mentioned before at the previous point, Isofix comes with 2 types of Isofix installation. Usually the type of car seat that equipped with Isofix with Load Leg / Support Leg installation are higher in terms of price due to price of load leg. Even a local brand Isofix 360 car seat with Load Leg / Support leg installation are at least RM700 and above. If parents are able to find cheaper version and they are satisfy with the installation and the quality, parents can buy those car seat.

Cheaper version of Isofix with Top Tether car seat will be slightly cheaper compare to Isofix with Load Leg / Support Leg car seat. For this, parents needs to be very careful in terms of the installation when rear-facing. Some of the top tether installation required a V-Shape installation thus make the car seat not very friendly when putting the baby in. 

Note; Top Tether is NEVER an OPTIONS in European standards car seat, Top Tether MUST be installed during rear-facing AND forward-facing for all European standard car seat.

No.  4. You cannot have 3 car seat in a row with a 360 Isofix car seat.

For many parents who drive a sedan or a hatch back vehicle, if you are planning for a family of 3 children, you might want to re-consider when buying Isofix 360 car seat. 

Isofix 360 installation are not able to fix 3 across car seat in a row at the rear seat. This is because the Isofix anchorage is shifted slight towards to inner of the vehicle set. making the middle part a bit narrow and not able to install another car seat at the middle.

No. 5. 360 Isofix car seat is heavier than belt installation car seat.

Is Nasi Lemak Ayam more heavier than Nasi Lemak Biasa? What about the price? Concept is prettier simpler with the car seat too.

Belt installation car seat is lighter than Isofix car seat for sure. Because Isofix car seat will need to add the Isofix system onto the car seat. Adding the Isofix system means adding iron rod and more part onto the the car seat making it more heavier. 

Isofix 360 car seat with Load Leg will be much heavier than Isofix 360 car seat with Top Tether. So, if you are thinking of keep switching car seat between vehicle, you might need to think again. It is recommended to try to life the car seat if you have a chance to do so. You will know the differences.

No. 6. 360 Isofix car seat requires more space than most car seat because you need space to turn the car seat.

Imagine making a turn inside a life that are full. Can you do it ? What about in a lift that are not full and have plenty of space? Same concept apply here for Isofix 360 car seat. They need space so that they can turn. In point C, you can read why it is one of the reason it cannot be install 3 in a row with Isofix 360 car seat.

No. 7. You CANNOT place 360 Isofix car seat at the middle rear seat of the vehicle.

Base on our findings, most manufacturers only provide 2 sets of Isofix in the car. It is also the requirement by the ASEAN NCAP in 2012. Only very few vehicles that has 3 sets. Those which comes with 3 sets could be Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) or the 3rd set is at the front passenger seat or beside driver. We have never encounter or found any vehicle that has Isofix at the middle so far.

No. 8. Some 360 Isofix can use belt for installation but MOST cannot use 360 feature when install using belt.

This is one of the frequent ask question by the parents. In Malaysia, having 2 vehicles in a family is normal. It could happen that some families have one vehicle that has Isofix but another do not.

This could be an issue when purchasing the Isofix 360 car seat for your baby. What happen that the vehicle with Isofix anchorage is broken down and needs to be repair for few days? Are your jobs requires you to travel long distance and you usually drive the car with Isofix to travel because it is newer and more reliable for long distance travel? Or the vehicle with Isofix is often going to work early and come back late. And the vehicle that pick up the child is the older one without Isofix?

These are some of the issue couple need to consider before getting a car seat for their baby.

No. 9 You usually need Isofix 360 car seat the most when rear-facing.

Usually, when rear-facing, taking out the baby and putting them back in is the issue. It is much more easier when forward -facing. For most cases, when a child is forward-facing, most of them can climb up themselves to the car seat. All you need to do is just buckle them up. 

When rear-facing, from newborn to as long as possible according to your car seat. Usually they are much more smaller and not able to climb into the car seat. And if you have a tall vehicle or you have backache, this could cause more issue. 

No. 10 More features, could means more issue.

If a human being only has brain and no other part of the body, we only have brain cancel or anything related to brain. But human body is complex and we have many internal organ to external part of the body. That means we could have many issue like skin problem, liver problem, heart problem and etc. 

The point is, the lesser features a car seat has, the lesser problems with the car seat. Because you have less to worry about the feature malfunctions. Make life simpler sometimes when you have lesser to worry right ?


In conclusion, some features are good but there are many things you also need to consider before getting thing with such features. The most important matter is that you need to understand that there is no best products in the world. The one that is most suitable to you is the best.

Like we also always said, there is no best car seat in the world. The BEST car seat is the one:-

a. Suitable to your baby

b. Suitable to your car

c. Suitable to your budget

d. A Car seat that is easy for you and you can use it correctly all the time.


Best Wearable Breastpump in Malaysia in 2022

Best Wearable Breast Pump In Malaysia in 2022

Best Wearable Breast Pump Banner

What Is Wearable Breast Pump And Why Is So Trending?

A must have for modern moms.
Hands-free, tubeless, cordless, wireless is the main selling point of wearable breast pump. Being able to move freely also makes it very popular. This are pumps that can fit inside your bras, it’s tubeless, cord-free, light weight. Enable mommies to move around freely while pumping without anyone notice.

Light weight & silent make it so much more discrete than other pumps. Mommies feel less stress as do not worry unfinished task while expressing breastmilk. Able to do multiple task such as changing diaper, wash dishes, replying email etc etc. So much freedom……..

Wearable Breast Pump Usually Has A Few Main Parts :-

  1. Motor
  2. Flanges ( come in a few sizes – need to check breast pump models )
  3. Valves & membranes
  4. Collection Cups

There is not tubing, wiring, or dangling bottles to the wearable breast pump.
It is considered as most practical pump in the market today.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using Wearable Breast Pump?


  • Portable, light weight, wireless makes it allow multi-tasking
  • Can pump on the go, not boring and can move around to get task/job done. Mommy no need to sit at one station for 20-25 minutes during pumping session.
  • For working mom is the best as can do pumping even though difficult to have pump breaks. Some office also not breastfeeding friendly, therefore wearable breast pump can ease this problem.
  • More discrete – less obvious, not noticeable. Very silent. Mommies feel more relaxed when pumping in public.
  • More comfortable – Mommies no need to hunched over, over a long period it will cause back pain.
  • Good suctions levels and strength
  • Less parts to wash – time saving : Less parts compare to traditional electric breast pump
  • Sleek & quiet design
  • Anti backflow
  • Smart technology – certain models have apps to record, control & monitoring

CONS ( Limitations )

  • Do not fully empty breast, can cause fall in supply over time , so should be considered as secondary pump
  • Suction not as strong as hospital grade pump which normally may up to 300mmHg but wearable breast pump normally only up to 220mmHg.
  • Durability – maybe not for heavy pumping and frequent pumping
  • Charging – must remember to charge and it need at least 2 hours for charging. Can’t use the device when charging.

Other Considerations When Purchasing/choosing A Wearable Breast Pump.

  • Do you really need to be handsfree/mobile/multi-task? Is your lifestyle requires you to be mobile always?
  • Will you be able to multi-task when expressing milk?
  • Suction level & strength – strong with variety of settings so that comfortable and effective
  • Breast shield sizes – get a least 2 sizes (width of your nipple) – 24mm usually is quite standard size
  • Maintenance : Easy to clean and assemble before & after each use
  • Warranty – Is an important consideration as if the pump got any problem can always send back for repair/exchange.

How To Use Wearable Breast Pumps?

1) Important to check the flange/shield size. Wrong size can lead to nipples pain & damage.

To find a correct size, need to measure the size of your nipple. There are tools such as measuring tape / printable ruler tool to measure.

2) Another important consideration is the type of bra. The bra need to be tight, fit and full coverage so that the wearable breast pump can work correctly. It needs to keep the wearable pump in place all the time.

Comparison Between Wearable Breast Pumps & Portable Breast Pumps.



  • Handsfree
  • Handsfree with help of handsfree bra or milk collection cup system
  • Tubeless/Cordless – No exterior tubing, wires or bottles attached
  • Got tubes/wires/bottles but built into smaller size so easier to bring out.
  • Suction normally softer than portable
  • Suction is stronger than wearable

Who Should Consider Buying Wearable Breast Pump?

• Working mom with tight schedule, doing sales job
• Housewife with house chores and kids
• Mothers with back-pain

Tops Wearable Breast Pump in Malaysia

[row style=”small”][col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”10566″ link=””][/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]

7) Shapee Milkee Lab Lacfree Wearable Breast Pump

  • Modes : Expression and Massage
  • 5 suction levels
  • Only 1 shield size – customer can choose 24mm or 28mm
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Shapee Milkee Lab Lacfree Wearable Breast Pump is is average than above breast pump with a decent price tag on it. It lesser popular due to the reason that it does not come with 2 size of shield sizes and lesser pumping suctions level compare to the other.

[/col][/row] [row][col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”10565″][/col] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”10563″][/col] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”10562″][/col][/row] [divider width=”1380px”][row style=”small”][col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”18277″ link=””][/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]

6) Bubbles L9 Wearable Breast Pump

  • 3 Modes (Massage Mode, Stimulation Mode, and Expression Mode)
  • 9 suction levels each modes
  • Silicone Shield Size: 28 cm but include insert 21mm & 24mm
  • Cup size 150ml
  • Full charge can be used 2.5 hours
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Bubbles L9 wearable pump is favorite for some breast feeding mother because this breast pump provides 3 different sizes for different nipple sizes which makes it easier for breastfeeding mom to find a suitable size. The other main reason for its good feature is the 9 suctions level. 

[/col][/row] [divider width=”1380px”][row style=”small”][col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”24174″ link=””][/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]

5) Boboduck Wearable Breast Pump

  • Stimulation & massage / vibration & expression / nipple correction / soothing mode
  • 9 suction levels ( except nipple correction only have 3 levels )
  • Soothing mode suitable for sensitive nipples
  • Shield size : 24mm
  • Full charge can be used 2-3 hours
  • Charging time 2-3 hours
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Boboduck wearable breast pump have an advantage for mommy with inverted nipples as it has nipple correction function and soothing mode function.

[/col][/row] [row][col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”24181″][/col] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”24180″][/col] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”24178″][/col][/row] [divider width=”1380px”]

4) Youha AVA Gen 2 Wearable Breast Pump

[row style=”small”][col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″][ux_image id=”20917″ link=””][/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]
  • 3 modes (massage, expression & mix mode)
  • 10 suction levels each mode
  • Full charge can be used 2-3 hours
  • Charging time 2.5 hours
  • Shield size : 24mm & 28mm
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Youha AVA Gen 2 is an improved version of the previous version with smaller cup size which most mother think it is enough and it is less bulky to be place under the bra. This packages comes with 2 shield size. However, it maintain 3 modes and 10 suction levels.

[/col][/row] [divider width=”1380px”]

3) Youha AVA Gen 1 Wearable Breast Pump

[row style=”small”][col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″][ux_products columns=”1″ ids=”18752″][/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]
  • 3 modes (massage, expression & mix mode)
  • 10 suction levels each modes
  • Only 1 shield size – customer can choose 24mm or 28mm
  • Cup size 8oz
  • Full charge can be used 2-3 hours
  • Charging time 2.5 hours
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Youha AVA Gen 1 loved by most mommies as it provides 3 modes for massage, expression and mix mode, it got a special mix mode. Mostly pumps have 9 suction levels but this got 10 suction levels.

[/col][/row] [divider width=”1380px”]

2) Autumnz Marvel Wearable Handsfree Breast Pump

[row style=”small”][col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″][ux_products columns=”1″ ids=”24266″][/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]
  • 4 modes (massage, expression, two-in-one, and dual frequency)
  • 8 suction levels for each mode
  • Silicone Shield Size: 28 cm but include insert 21mm & 24mm
  • Cup size 150ml/5oz
  • Anti-backflow
  • Full charge can be used 2-2.5 hours
  • Charging time 3.5-4 hours
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Autumnz Marvel is also popular and reliable. It has 4 modes which can cater to different needs of suction levels. Moreover also included 3 sizes to fits different nipple size. Attractive colour which is gold and pink.

[/col][/row] [divider width=”1380px”]

1) Lacte Nova Wearable Breast Pump

[row style=”small”][col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″][ux_products columns=”1″ ids=”13497″][/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]
  • 2 Funnel Size Included : 24mm & 28mm.
  • 2 Phase – Stimulation & Expression Phase + Mix Mode .
  • 9 Step Suction With Speed Control.
  • Anti-backflow
  • Warranty : 2 Years

This Lacte Nova breast pump is popular due to it got include 2 size funnel shield, if mommy not sure which size, it doesn’t matter as already provided 2 size for them. Also longer warranty period which is 2 years mothers will have peace of mind if their pump breakdown.


Disclaimer: This list is based on the popularity at shop. We also gather the feedback from various parents on this before publishing the article. It is always recommended to do some research whether which wearable breast pump is suitable for you before purchasing.

Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy Car Seat at (as of 30/07/22)

[ux_image id=”18717″ width=”31″]

Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy Car Seat

It’s been more than 4 month since the launch of Malaysia MYCRS Subsidy since April 2022. Many parents has since claim their MYCRS Subsidy car seat from participating retailers all over Malaysia.

There aren’t much countries that giving such subsidy for their countrymen. We would said Malaysia are among the first country to do so. 

For year 2022, Malaysia has allocated RM30 millions for this program. Estimated total of 188,000+ families will be entitles to claim this MYCRS Subsidy that allow them to claim the maximum of RM150 per family. 

For this MYCRS Subsidy program, B40 group of family are entitle to claim either 50% for car seat that is below RM300.00 or maximum of RM150 for car seat that is above RM300.00. 


  • If a car seat price is at RM249.00, you can purchase it at RM124.50 (50%).
  • If a car seat price is at RM459.00, you can purchase it at RM309.00 (RM459.00 – RM150.00)

Who are entitled for MYCRS Subsidy ?

Currently, this program is for B40 group of people. Those who received the Bantuan BPR or BKM will be entitled. However, you need to apply for the MYCRS Subsidy at

What car seat are entitled for MYCRS Subsidy ?

Those car seat that are approved under ECE R44 or R129 are entitled for MYCRS Subsidy Program following Malaysian Child Restraint System Guidelines

ECE Stickers Example


has obtain MIROS QR Code.

Koopers Lambada QR Code

There are more than 250 car seats that are approved with QR Codes that are in the MYCRS Subsidy Program.

Where can I claim MYCRS Subsidy ?

A list of trained retailers can be obtain from the official website. Of course, is one of the retailer or you to claim MYCRS Subsidy. You can claim wither thru our website, via whatsapp, or walk-in to our retail shop at Setia Alam. offers FREE Delivery for purchase above RM100.00 to Peninsular Malaysia (Except Cameron & Langkawi). You get free delivery when you buy from us ya.

Benefits from buying from us is that all our customer service support representative are COSA certified and trained. 

Apart from this, we have Indoor Car Seat Testing and Installation Facility (INCSIATiF) that allow parents to test and we even install the car seat to the customer’s car after purchase. 

We have more than 40 types of car seat that are approved under MYCRS Subsidy Program. You just need to worry which one is suitable for your budget. We will handle the rest for you.

How Do I choose the right car seat ?

For car seat selections, many parent facing challenges on which to choose. We understand this challenge when we engage with parents. 

For ECE R44 car seat, the car seat is using weight as the base. For ECE R129, height will be use supported by weight.

Trained retailer will have Child Occupant Safety Advisor (COSA) when they attend the Malaysian Child Occupant Safety Training Program (MycostP). They will be able to advise the parents the correct car seat to choose.

When is the last date I can claim MYCRS Subsidy ?

The latest updates from the relevant department is up until 30 September 2022

Click HERE for the announcement by the authority.

Top 10 MYCRS Car Seat

Lets see what are the Top 10 MYCRS Car Seat. The Top and most popular car seat that parents choose at for MYCRS Subsidy Program. This is base on popularity such as customer queries, sales and etc.

No. 10 – Joie Steadi Convertible Car Seat



[col span=”4″ animate=”bounceInDown” hover=”focus”]

Joie Steadi Convertible Car Seat


[col span=”8″ animate=”bounceInDown” hover=”focus”]

Joie Steadi Convertible Car Seat fill the last spot for the Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy car seat list at Joie Steadi is a slim car seat parent love and also due to the extended rear-facing up to 18kg. Apart from that, it is really suitable for newborn baby. The padding for this car seat is really comfortable for the newborn Baby. offers 1 + 1 Warranty for all Joie car seat. You are entitled for total of 2 years warranty when you purchase Joie car seat from us. One year of warranty cover by Joie Malaysia and 2nd year of warranty by At the same time, you are also entitled for 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program under for all Joie car seat.

Joie Steadi is installed using seat belt too and it is really easy to install. It comes with 4 reclining positions. One positions for rear-facing and 3 positions for forward facing.



No. 9 – Koopers Vinofix Convertible Car Seat


[col span=”4″ animate=”bounceInLeft” hover=”focus”]

Koopers Vinofix Car Seat


[col span=”8″ animate=”bounceInLeft” hover=”focus”]

Koopers Vinofix Convertible Car Seat is the 4th car seat that enter the Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy car seat list. This car seat is one of the ISOFIX that enter the list as the price is among the cheapest and are popular due to the long warranty period. 

Koopers Vinofix Convertible Car Seat is suitable from 0-36kg. It comes with a unique installation. For rear-facing, you can only install with car seat belt. For forward-facing, you can choose to install either using Isofix or car seat belt. 

This car seat is cover with 6 years warranty and 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program by Koopers Malaysia. Almost enough to cover the usage lifespan of the products. 

Padding is really good for this car seat. Even s smaller baby can also fits comfortably in the car seat with it’s well-designed padding. This car seat is also extended rear-facing car seat up to 18kg and comes with total of 7 reclining positions. 3 for rear-facing and 4 for forward facing.



No. 8 – snskidz Sports Plus Convertible Car Seat



[col span=”4″ animate=”bounceInLeft” hover=”focus”]

snskidz Sport Plus car seat

Normal Price: RM499.00
Promo Price: RM329.00
MYCRS Subsidy Price: RM179.00

[/col] [col span=”8″ animate=”bounceInLeft” hover=”focus”]

snskidz Sports Plus Convertible Car seat took the no. 8 spot for Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy car seat list. This is one of the slim car seat that is popular and equipped with extended rear-facing up to 18kg ECE R44 car seat.

This car seat is suitable for 0-36kg usage. The padding is also very comfortable for newborn baby up to 36kg. most parents who touches this car seat will love the padding. The only matter about this car seat is that it only comes with 1 year warranty. 

The design is very well accepted especially for those parents who love sporty looking car seat. It is also fairly easy to install using car seat belt.



No. 7 – Crolla Nexus Convertible Car Seat

[row][col span=”4″ animate=”bounceInDown” hover=”focus”]

Crolla Nexus Car Seat

Normal Price: RM599.00
Promo Price: RM429.00
MYCRS Subsidy Price: RM279.00

[/col] [col span=”7″ span__sm=”12″]

Taking the no. 7 spot for Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy Car seat is Crolla Nexus Convertible Car Seat. This is one “big fat” car seat but it is really comfortable for most children. Even if the baby is slight bigger size compare to other children. 

Crolla Nexus Convertible car seat is suitable for 0-36kg usage. One of the drawback about this car seat is that it only comes with 3 reclining positions in total. Most parents would want something like at least of 4 recline positions car seat. Another issue is the installation is the using locking clip that could potential goes “missing” if not store properly. 

3 years warranty comes with this products and Crolla Malaysia 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program.




No. 6 – Koopers Lambada Convertible Car Seat


[col span=”4″ animate=”bounceInUp” hover=”focus”]

Koopers Lambada Car Seat

Normal Price: RM599.00
Promo Price: RM459.00
MYCRS Subsidy Price: RM309.00


[col span=”8″ animate=”bounceInUp” hover=”focus”]

This is by far the best car seat for the M40 group of people who purchase car seat for their children. Koopers Lambada Convertible car seat is at No. 5 spot for Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy car seat list. It is suitable from 0-36kg usage. The most popular reason is the long usage and this is the car seat that has the longest warranty period of all – 8 YEARS !

The padding is also very comfortable for most babies and the fabrics has been improved compare to the old fabrics. The only thing about this car seat is that it uses locking clip and it tends to get missing if you do not keep it properly. Most parents who tested this car seat with their children will surely purchase this car seat for their baby. 

Parents can also enjoy 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program from Koopers Malaysia for this car seat.



No. 5 – Quinton Silver Convertible Car Seat


[col span=”4″ animate=”bounceIn” hover=”focus”]

Normal Price: RM659.00
Promo Price: RM399.00
MYCRS Subsidy Price: RM249.00


[col span=”8″ animate=”bounceIn” hover=”focus”]

Another Malaysian brand car seat gets into the Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy Car Seat list is Quinton Silver Convertible Car Seat. This is one of the car seat that has the canopy that some parents love it to ensure their children is safe from UV lights when rear facing. This is also another extended rear-facing car seat up to 18kg. 

Quinton Silver Convertible car seat can be use from 0-36kg. The soft material and silky feel of this car seat is the main reason why parents love this car seat. It is also easy to install using car seat belt. 

It comes with 3 years warranty and also 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program by Quinton Malaysia.




No. 4 – Joie Elevate Combination Booster Car Seat


[col span=”4″ animate=”bounceIn” hover=”focus”]

Joie Elevate Combination Booster Car Seat

Normal Price: RM599.00
Promo Price: RM429.00
MYCRS Subsidy Price: RM259.00


[col span=”8″ animate=”bounceIn” hover=”focus”]

Joie Elevate is one of the most popular among the parents due to it’s slim size. Few parents feedback on the padding not that thick but still overall it manage to get into the no. 5 positions in the Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy Car Seat list. 

Joie Elevate Combination Car Seat is suitable for use from 9-36kg children. Approximately 10 months to 10/12 years old children. It comes with a cup holder that makes this a popular car seat when children is given a choice to choose their own. One of the most popular advantage is the height of the head rest can be adjust to reasonable high and parent loves it for their tall children.

The other good features of this car seat is that it comes with air mesh back and not hot for children to be seated on this car seat. If you purchase this from, you can enjoy 1 + 1 Year warranty. (1st Year from Joie Malaysia + 2nd Year from and 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program by for 7 years.



No. 3 – Crolla Alpha Convertible Car Seat



[col span=”4″ animate=”bounceIn” hover=”focus”]

Crolla Alpha Convertible Car Seat

Normal Price: RM499.00

Promo Price: RM329.00

MYCRS Subsidy Price: RM179.00


[col span=”8″ animate=”bounceIn” hover=”focus”]

Taking up 3rd place for Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy Car Seat is Crolla Alpha Convertible Car Seat. Crolla is another Malaysia brands that are quite popular among parents for its price and design. 

Crolla Alpha is suitable to be use from 0-25kg. Approximately newborn to 6/7 years children. It comes with 4 reclining positions and can be install rear-facing and forward facing. It has extended rear-facing up to 18kg and many parents love it for a ECE R44 car seat that is affordable in price. 

Alpha Crolla has 3 years warranty and 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program by Crolla Malaysia. 





No. 2 – Koopers Pago Convertible Car Seat


[col span=”4″ animate=”fadeInUp” hover=”focus”]

Koopers Pago Convertible Car Seat

Normal Price: RM399.00

Promo Price: RM299.00

MYCRS Subsidy Price: RM149.50


[col span=”8″ animate=”fadeInUp” hover=”focus”]

Following closely for Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy Car Seat is the convertible car seat by another Koopers brands. Koopers Pago Convertible Car Seat is suitable from 0-18kg usage. Newborn to 4 years of usage. 

The main reason for its popularity is the thick padding for newborn. It comes with 3 colours for parents to choose from. It is install using car seat belt and easy to install. Not forgetting the 4 years warranty and 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program by Koopers. 




No. 1 – Koopers Levi Combination Booster Seat


[col span=”4″ animate=”fadeInUp” hover=”focus”]

Koopers Levi Car Seat

Normal Price: RM399.00

Promo Price: RM299.00

MYCRS Subsidy Price: RM149.50

[/col] [col span=”8″ span__sm=”12″]

Koopers Levi Combination Booster Car Seat tops the list of car seat searches and purchase for Top 10 MYCRS Subsidy Car Seat. This car sear is suitable from 0-36kg usage. ~10 months to 10/12 years of usage. 

The main reason this is popular because of the wide range of the usage that it is suitable. Parents loves the padding and also the price. It is easy to install and also easy to use makes the car seat more popular. Another popular reason is the 6 years warranty and 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Program by Koopers for this car seat. 





These are the car seat that carries. We are not sure about other car seat popularity and number of units sold. This is just a guide for the MYCRS parents or other parents who wish to choose car seat for their baby.
If you have found another car seat that is suitable for your baby and meets the Malaysia Child Restraint System guidelines. You are always encourage to purchase it for your child safety. Main issue is to use it correctly every time.

What to Expect for Twin Pregnancy?

It can be nerve-wracking as well as exciting to become pregnant. But what if you find out that you are pregnant with twins instead? Although it’s twice as fun, is it twice as hard?

You may have many questions if you are pregnant with twins. What will it feel like to be pregnant? How can I deal with two?

It is possible to wonder if home birth is possible or if water births are possible. Three experts will answer all your twin pregnancy questions.

Twin Pregnancy

How Can I Get Pregnant With Twins And How Do I Make It Happen?

Twins are more likely for women who have had fertility treatment like IVF. “However, it has become a standard practice in some countries to only transfer one embryo during IVF in recent years. This has resulted in a decrease in the number of IVF pregnancies which has led to twins. This is according to the Human Fertilization & Embryology Authority’s guidelines, to decrease the chances of having multiple pregnancies, which can be more dangerous for both mother and baby.

It can increase your chances of having twins in certain situations if you have multiple pregnancies. Twins, triplets, and more are more likely if there has been a history of multiple pregnancies in the maternal line. A father can also pass the gene on to his child. It will not affect one’s partner’s ability to have twins. But if you have twins, triplets, or fraternal twins, you are five times more likely than not to have multiples during your next pregnancy.

If you are pregnant with twins, one of your first concerns is whether or not you will have identical babies. Identical twins are found in around one-third of multiple pregnancies. They don’t inherit. The chance of having identical twins (monozygotic), is approximately 1 in 250.

They occur when an embryo splits in two shortly after fertilization, creating identical babies with identical genes, physical features, and sex. This is why identical twins share the same DNA. Personality and size depend on other genetic factors so babies could be different in terms of their personalities.

Non-identical twins can be created when two eggs are produced simultaneously by a woman and each egg is fertilized with different sperm. Non-identical twins can be called dizygotic (or fraternal) twins, as they were bred from different zygotes (fertilized eggs). The babies are not identical to any siblings or brothers. They can be either male or female, or they could be one of each.

What Are The Signs Of Twins During Early Pregnancy? And When Will You Be Able To Know For Sure?

A twin pregnancy can cause early symptoms like morning sickness, vomiting, fatigue, and constipation. There is a lot of overlap in symptoms between twin pregnancies. Therefore, it is impossible to determine if a woman has a singleton pregnancy or a twin pregnancy based solely on her pregnancy symptoms.

The only way to confirm if a mother has twins is to have an ultrasound scan in the early stages of pregnancy. The ultrasound scan can confirm the type of twin pregnancy, i.e., if it is identical or not (which medically is known as a monochorionic and dichorionic pregnancy). Monochorionic is when twins share the same placenta. Dichorionic is when each baby has its placenta.

A scan is the only way you can be certain that you are having twins or more. This news can be shocking. Some people are delighted! Some people are happy! Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Other parents have been through it before and have survived, as well as gone on to have a successful relationship with their children. Many experts assure you that it is possible. 

It might be helpful to request a photograph of the babies from the first ultrasound. This may make the situation seem more real. It can help to make practical plans. Some hospitals or non-profits organizations offer advice and support to expectant mothers and their partners during the first stages of pregnancy.

What Makes Twin Pregnancy Different?

Twin pregnancies can be quite different from singleton pregnancies. Twins are more likely to experience symptoms like morning sickness and tiredness than singletons.  Secondly, not all twins pregnancies will be the same. It is important to distinguish between them as there are 10-20 times more chances of complications in monochorionic pregnancies than in dichorionic. The level of monitoring that is required for each type of pregnancy is different. Women with a dichorionic pregnancy typically have six ultrasound scans to monitor their babies’ health. Monochorionic pregnancies usually require 12 ultrasound scans.

Do not be alarmed if you gain weight. Twin moms tend to gain more weight than those who have just one baby. It’s not just due to having two or three babies, but also because of the amniotic fluid and placenta(s). The advice for someone who is expecting one baby is the same as the advice for anyone else.

Twin pregnancy mothers also experience more symptoms in the later stages of their pregnancy. The most common symptoms are tiredness, breathlessness, and a larger bump. They also experience pelvic discomfort, constipation, and fatigue. They require close monitoring of labor and must be delivered on the medically-led labor unit rather than the midwifery-led birthing unit. The chance of having a cesarean is much higher than in singleton pregnancies. However, many twin pregnancies experience a normal vaginal delivery, but the care plan for each woman must be tailored based on her pregnancy findings.

Most twins and triplets develop normally in the womb. They are smaller than singleton babies and tend to be born earlier.

After a successful birth, the experience of caring for two babies is different from caring for one. Most mothers would benefit from the advice of their midwife, pregnancy support group, and online information. Although feeding twins can be more difficult logistically, there is plenty of information. You can also ask your doctor or contact a support group.

What Happens During The First Trimester Of Twins?

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial. The ultrasound scan is used to confirm a twin pregnancy. It can be used to determine the exact date and show the existence of twins. If the scan is done before 11 weeks, the results should be repeated between 11-13 weeks to confirm the date and to estimate the due date. This will ensure that both fetuses are growing normally and rule out any major birth defects.

It’s also used to diagnose twin pregnancy and check for genetic defects like Down’s syndrome. This is often the most crucial objective. Because of the possibility of complications and the intensity of monitoring, and the outcome, it is important to know if the twins have a placenta. They can be monochorionic or dichorionic.

It is important to know what your care will look and feel like during pregnancy. Twins Trust offers a checklist for multiple pregnancies that outlines the type of care you should receive. You can also check here to find out if your hospital has a Twins Clinic.

Are Twins More At Risk?

Yes, twin pregnancy can pose increased risks. This should not be a concern. Almost all pregnancy complications are more common with twins. However, most babies and mothers will be healthy. Twins can pose a risk to a woman’s health if she gives birth before they reach their full term. Half of the twin pregnancies are delivered before 36 weeks, and between 5-10% and 32 percent before 32 weeks. It is important for pregnant women and their partners to be aware of the signs of labor so that they can get the advice fast if they are going into labor early.

Women with multiple pregnancies are at greater risk for pre-eclampsia. Especially if they are a slightly older mom, having had pre-eclampsia in the past, or have a higher body mass. Doctors usually recommend a low daily aspirin dose to prevent pre-eclampsia.

Anemia is also more common in multiple pregnant mothers. Pregnant women should continue to eat iron-rich foods and have regular blood tests to prevent anemia.

There is more risk if you are pregnant with monochorionic Twins because there is an increased risk of complications from the shared placenta. This can cause twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome and selective growth restriction, which could lead to serious complications.

Although this may sound alarming, it is actually a good time to have a baby. Thanks to medical advances, we now have technology that allows us more accurately to identify potential risks and take appropriate action. This increases the chances of safe pregnancy and labor, which results in happy, healthy children

You should not be concerned about the potential risks of having triplets or identical twins with a placenta. It is important to remember that every year, thousands of twins are being born. The majority of families will provide good care and the bundles of joy will be healthy and happy.

It’s important to be aware that multiple-mom mothers have an increased risk of developing postnatal depression after giving birth. Do not be ashamed to tell your doctor, midwife, or other health professionals if you feel you are struggling. They won’t judge and will be able to help you.

What Baby Items Do I Need To Purchase For Twins?

Practically, twins will require two or more of the same items. The newborn baby essentials list is a great place to start. However, you may not need all of the items on it. It doesn’t mean you have to buy every item new. You can find items that parents are selling on Facebook and in local parenting forums.

Make sure to stock up on baby nappies, wipes, and sleepsuits. There are some pieces of equipment you’ll absolutely need more than one of a car seat, a nursing pillow, and a baby rocker. These can be used to help you get the baby out of bed while you’re taking care of the other. High chairs are also useful for babies who are being weaned. If you plan on bottle-feeding, you may need a breast pump.

Car seats can be expensive and you shouldn’t cut corners. Buy new. If you have to choose between secondhand or brand-new car seats, make sure you are buying from someone you can trust. You may notice signs of wear or damage to old car seats, or those that have been in an incident. They might not meet modern safety standards.

Also, cots are something you should consider. It might be easier to get your twins to sleep in two Moses baskets, which you can easily move from one room to the next. A cot bed is a better option if you want to get your twins to sleep in one. They are slightly larger so they should be able to fit both of them for a while. This is known as co-bedding and it is completely safe. A travel cot is useful if you plan to spend the night with your babies. A travel cot is large enough to accommodate two babies in the first year.

You will have to decide what kind of pram you want when you are shopping for prams. You can decide if you would rather get a pram and then upgrade to a pushchair or if you prefer to buy a pushchair right away. Do you prefer your babies to be side by side or behind each other? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Twin pushchairs that are side-by-side can be slightly more expensive. Many are safe for twins from birth. However, they can also be used to transport them around as toddlers. They can be awkward for some mothers. They can be difficult to carry up and down steps and in narrow doors because of their width.

Although they eliminate narrow doors, one behind the other pushchairs can be more expensive. It’s important to ensure that the pushchair is suitable for your child from birth. The back seat is designed for older children, while the front seat is for newborns. The downside is that your twins might argue about which seat to use as they age.


You shall not worry so much when you are pregnant with twins. Get advice from doctors and seek help from families, friends, midwives, NGOs, or any bodies that you can get advice and help to help you go through the twin pregnancy. Healthy mom, healthy twins.

14 Must Have Everyday Baby Products

Have you ever had a checklist for your baby before they were born? Do you know what are items that you should buy and get ready for the arrival of your little ones? There are items that you need to purchase before the baby are born, there are items that you can purchase after the baby was born and there is the item you can buy in stages according to the age and development of the baby. 

Some parents-to-be bought almost everything as their plan is to concentrate on looking after the baby when their little one arrives. However, most of us buy in stages as some of the items are not really a need after you realizing the usage and you know and understand your baby after they were born.

For the baby products in the baby checklist, there are products that you use daily, for travel, for sleeping, nursing, baby care, home safety, etc. In this article today, we will talk about all the baby products you will need almost daily. And you need to prepare before the arrival of the baby.

A friendly reminder to all the parents-to-be, this list is according to the recommended baby checklist on our website and is highly recommended. Some items might not be necessary according to your lifestyle or needs.

Baby Napkin

Pigeon Baby Napkin 6pcs
Some modern parents will not even consider Baby Napkin. This is rather important as disposable baby diapers will be more popular due to it is more convenient. If you can manage to get your nanny or yourself to use this for your baby, you could really save up a lot because every disposable diaper is $$. An average of 12 pieces will cost you an average of RM40+-, it will last you for at least up to 2 years of usage.

You are advised to prepare an average of 12-24 pieces of baby napkins for your baby. The other advantage of using this is also could cause lesser skin irritation to the baby.

Baby Napkin usage is not only as a washable diaper, some parents use it as a wrap, nap time blanket, or fold it to become a temporary pillow for a nap.

You can look into the Pigeon and Pureen brand that we have for this.

Baby Bottle Detergent

Nuk Laundry DetergentBuds Baby Safe Laundry Detergent
The baby bottle will need to be clean every day after each use. To get this job done, baby bottle detergent will be able to clean your baby bottle without strong odor and also chemical items. The main reason is that this product normally does not have any scent to it as the baby is very sensitive during the first few months. Some of these products are organic and are really safe for your baby.

Some of these baby bottle detergents are also safe to wash the vegetable or fruits. However, you are recommended to check the usage before purchasing.

Some of these popular brands are Buds, Pigeon, Bumble Bee, BabyOrganix, Nuk, Pureen, etc.

Baby Bottle Brush

Mother-K Silicone Brushabbie & bobby flexi silicone brush
It is normal that the bottom of the bottle is hard to clean. Even the water bottle that we use daily is hard to clean. Bottle brushes are able to perform this task perfectly. Most bottle brushes come with a teat brush for cleaning the teat. 

Some of these bottle brushes are made of silicone, some made of sponge, and some made of bristle. Some are a combination of both. Usually, the sponge will be cleaner and able to clean most parts of the bottle but the issue with the sponge is that it is recommended to change more frequently.

Bottle Tong

Bottle Tong is to help the mother to take out the items in the sterilizer after the sterilization process. This item will ensure that your hand does not touch the baby items and contaminate them.

Some sterilizers will include this bottle tong in the package. You might not need to purchase this separately.

Baby Bottle Warmer

Boboduck Double Bottle Warmer

Autumnz Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

This is to help the mother to warm the breast milk conveniently. Some parents think this is not necessary but many moms love this as it really does the job faster and make parenting life easier.

Older baby warmer is designed for standard neck baby bottles, due to the popularity of the wide-neck bottle (maybe because it is much easier to clean the bottle), most of this baby warmer can fit the wide-neck bottles. Please check the size before purchasing. 

Home and car warmer was really popular due to its usage for both in the car and at home. But some parents will just use a hot water store into Thermo flask when going out with their baby.

There are also some portable warmer in the market that you can consider if you are the type of parents that travel often. These warmer will be able to warm the milk while you are outside. 

Disposable Baby Diaper | Cloth Diaper

Baby diaper is not new to most people. You could be using the baby napkins with a nappy liner which is the old school way. The most popular now is disposable diaper because it is the most convenient way as you use and throw. For a cloth diaper, you will have to wash it and dry it, it is quite troublesome for most people who have a busy lifestyle.

Clothes diapers, it is gaining popularity now but it is still a lack of awareness and some good cloth diapers could cost approximately RM50 per piece. It is quite a huge investment at the beginning to buy 20 pieces. Thus it makes it hard for many average-income people to look into this option one-off.

Some of these cloth diapers have sizes, some are designed in a way that they could be expanded for the baby’s growth. You are also advised to check this recommended usage size for the one you are going to purchase.

Baby Wipes

Pigeon Baby WipesK-Mom Baby Wet Wipes
Baby wipes are also important to baby daily essentials. Apart from wiping baby backside each time they poo, it is also very useful as cleaning products to clean baby’s toys or baby’s high chair, etc. 

For baby wipes, there is a convenient package for you to carry out when going out with the baby. Some come with a can where it is easier for you to pull out the baby wipes and some come in a bigger pack for indoor and outdoor usage. Many of these baby wipes now are odorless.

Brands like Pigeon, Nuk, K-Mom, Pureen, etc are the most popular brands in the market.

Baby Milk Bottle | Baby Feeding Bottle

Hegen PCTO Feeding Bottle PPSUSimba Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle 1
Baby will need a bottle regardless of whether they are fully breastfed or bottle feed. The baby will need a baby bottle to drink water and other liquid. You are advised to understand how you want to feed your baby. 

Baby Milk bottles are made in many different types of material, such as silicone, plastic – pp, pes, ppsu, stainless steel, and also glass. Each type of material has its advantages and weakness. You can read more on the baby bottle material before deciding which is more suitable.

Bottles need to change after a few months, especially those made of plastic. The general rule is that PP bottles are 6 months, PPSU, PU, PES can be up to 9 months. 

Most of the bottles in the market will come with a newborn teat regardless of the size. Usually, you need to buy the teat separately if you are buying for bigger kids. Check with the retailers what teat size it comes with before you purchase.

Baby Thermometer

It has become an essential baby item to check your baby’s temperature whether they have a fever or not. Of course, you can also use it for the adults at home. Baby thermometers come in few types. Some are for ears, some for forehead, some are for the mouth, armpit, or rectal.

According to the pediatrician, the most accurate method is to check the rectal temperature but of course, it will be not comfortable for the baby, followed by the armpit and then the ear.

We would not recommend you to get a forehead or ear thermometer that is too cheap as it is a piece of important equipment and is recommended to get one that is reliable. It is also recommended to change or service the thermometer frequently.

Bottle Drying Rack

Autumnz Easy Detachable Drying Rack OXO Tot On-The-Go Drying Rack

This item will become essential if you use boiling water or steam sterilize the baby bottles. For such a method, all the items will be wet and need to be dry-off so that you can use them for your baby.

Some steam sterilizer comes with a drying function that you do not need this item. And, if you purchase a UV Sterilizer that is rather popular these days, you will not need this as most UV sterilizers will have drying functions too. However, a note we would like parents to be aware of is that drying functions will tend to consume more electricity.

For getting this item, you also need to ensure that your kitchen top of the house has extra space to put this item. Some of these bottle dryings racks need bigger space due to their size.

Nappy Liner

Nappy liners’ main function is to reduce nappy rash by helping to absorb the baby’s urine into the cloth diaper/napkin. Usually, you would not need this if you are using a disposable diaper for your baby. 

Usually, a box of baby liners (approx 100 pieces) can last for approximately 15 days. It is also subject from baby to baby and your usage, some babies urinate more than others. 

Nappy Liners can be available everywhere from hypermarkets to pharmacies.

Pacifiers | Soothers

Nuk Latex Soother

Autumnz Silicone Orthodontic Soother 2pcs
Another quite debatable baby product in this list, some parents do not want to get this for their baby due to some research shows that pacifiers will cause dental problems. Some study shows that baby with pacifiers are easier to take care due to the usage of pacifiers as it helps to pacifier the baby.

Most of the time, we will recommend you to get one but try not to get your baby relied on it too much, and do not let your child use it for a long period of time. Long usage of pacifiers will definitely lead to dental issues. 

Most parents will get 2 of these as sometimes you might want to wash or clean one, or you might misplace one and would not want to keep looking for it especially when the baby is crying asking for their pacifier.

Most reputable baby bottles brands like Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Nuk, MAM, He or She, Simba, Pigeon designed their baby pacifiers that are orthodontic. Most of these pacifiers are using silicone material as it will last longer compared to latex. Some babies will need a latex material pacifier as it is usually much softer.

You are also advised to check the recommended usage of the pacifiers, some are for newborns and some are for bigger babies or approximately 6 months and above. Those designed for newborns normally will be shorter in length. You are advised to change these pacifiers often, approximately 2-3 months.

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Nappy Rash Cream

Buds Nappy Time Soothing Cream

Babies’ skin is soft and tender, their skin normally gets raches easily. That’s why you need to have this to prevent rashes and to soothe the baby’s skin if they have rashes.

However, it is very important for you to take note of the ingredients as we encounter before some reputable brands are also not suitable for some babies due to the ingredients, some babies are allergic to some ingredients and thus you need to also be extra careful when buying it. 

Usually, there is no major issue for most brands, it is just to advise that this could be one of the reasons why some brands are not suitable for some babies.

Baby Booster Chair / Baby High Chair

Quinton Hancy Highchair Joie Mimzy 2-in-1 Highchair

Baby High Chair is gaining popularity in Malaysia nowadays. Modern parents will know that this is an item not to be missed or neglect especially if you want to train your baby to eat independently on their own when they grow up. 

To train your child to eat on their own will required some hard work too. One of the hardest parts is to clean up the high chair and utensils after they made a mess up, which is one of the main reasons why many people think the high chair is not required as the baby will mess up the entire area if you let them eat on their own. 

Some high chairs can recline for a baby for a short nap, some have the adjustable height for different areas and usage. If space is an issue, you would want to consider those which can be folded for easy storage.

Stability is among the main concern for high chairs, babies sit high up and you would want to consider those with a wide base and stability for the baby.

8 Thing To Consider When Choosing Best Diaper Bag

The diaper bag is a parent’s greatest friend, constant companion, tote of all.

 The diaper bag is one of the most often utilized pieces of baby equipment that some new parents purchase. However, there are many various types of bags on the market, each with its own set of qualities to consider. So, which option is best for you?

What Is A Diaper Bag?

A diaper bag is a multi-functional bag use by parents to put all the essential items of their little one. Also known as a nappy bag. A diaper bag normally comes with a functional compartment and section to organize all baby items such as baby bottles, thermos flask, disposable diapers, nappy cream, baby clothes, milk powder, pacifiers, baby wipes, burp cloths, etc.

Type of Diaper Bag

There a normally 4 types of diaper bags:-

1. Backpack Diaper Bag

This type of diaper bag is normally fancier by men ( father ) because it will look more macho on them rather than a sling bag. A functional diaper backpack is also designed in such a way it looks like a laptop bag rather than a nappy bag. Currently available in the market are very much trendy compare to old school type.

2. Sling Diaper Bag / Messenger Bag

This type of diaper bag normally likes by most mommies. Designs are all very trendy and some even look like a designer bag. People will not realize you are carrying a nappy bag at all. These are worn across the body and are more comfortable than totes if you need to carry them for an extended amount of time.

You will find most top brands for diaper bags having this type of diaper bag due to its market segment – for women. 

3. Convertible Diaper Bag

Depending on how the straps are arranged, some diaper bags can be used as a backpack, tote, or messenger bag. If you want to be able to mix up how you carry your baby’s belongings, these are a fantastic option, but they are on the larger side.

4. Totes Diaper Bag

These are extremely capacious, making them ideal for a day out or a weekend getaway. To stay organized, go for one with compartments and pockets.

Do You Need A Diaper Bag?

The answer is yes. As you are traveling with your baby, you need to bring all the baby’s essential things together. A diaper bag is very useful and convenient. Most diaper bags will come with a changing mat to allow the baby to change a diaper when needed.

Can I Use Another Bag As A Diaper Bag?

The answer is also Yes. However, it is not so convenient as the limited compartment and space of the bag. A diaper bag is equipped with many insulated bottle holders and small compartments to hold babies items. It helps to organized all baby items in place. Parents will not be panicked or have a difficult time locating baby items.

What Do You Put In The Diaper Bag?

  • Disposable Diapers
  • Nappy Cream
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby Bottles
  • Milk Powder Dispenser
  • Thermo Flask/Vacuum Flask
  • Baby Clothes
  • Pacifier
  • Changing Mat
  • Burp Cloths

Features To Consider When Getting A Diaper Bag

  • Space – There is plenty of room. See the section above about how much stuff newborns require! 
  • Easy to maintain – It’s simple to clean. Whether it’s dirty diapers or dirty clothes, it’s a problem. Bottles that are leaking. A wipe-clean surface or even a machine-washable bag is beneficial. 
  • Shareability. When choosing a diaper bag, keep in mind who else will be using it. 
  • Ergonomic. You’ll want something that’s relaxing, means comfortable to carry. 
  • Closure – Look for a bag with a secure closing (zippers are ideal) so that everything stays inside when you lean down or drop it. Avoid Velcro because it tends to get stuck on surfaces and can wake a sleeping infant with the noise it makes when it opens. 
  • The base of the bag – Look for a bag that stands on its own so you can reach inside and get what you need with one hand. (When dealing with a squirming baby, making the most of every hand you have is critical.) 
  • Color of the bag – If you’re going to share the bag, choose a color or design that everyone will like (or at least tolerate). Sharing the bag saves money and time because you don’t have to shift goods from one tote to another. 
  • Other features that are nice to have in a diaper bag includes hanging stroller clips, many compartments, changing mat, insulated pockets

Best Diaper Bag in Malaysia

5) Babymel Robyn Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag

With Robyn’s easy-to-use convertible strap, you may wear it as a backpack, shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or handbag. This type is made of water-resistant canvas and is both lightweight and sturdy. This design has a lot of compartments to keep all of your baby’s things organized. 


  • Made from Polyester materials.
  • Outer and lining materials are water-resistant and wipe clean.
  • Integrated stroller straps and multi-way strap with shoulder pad
  • Wide aperture with zipped closing for security Easy-wipes side pocket
  • For all your essentials, there are seven inside and external compartments.
  • Padded changing mat that is machine washable
  • Bottle holder with drawstring clasp and insulation
  • H35cm x W29cm x D15cm / H35cm x W29cm x D15cm 


  • Pricy
  • More suitable for women only

4) Storksak Backpack Diaper Bag

This is the ultimate smart backpack, with optimum comfort, incredibly lightweight, and plenty of storage. This diaper is among the expensive diaper bag in the market.


  • Polyester with a high definition
  • Outer is water-resistant, and the lining is wipe-clean.
  • Closure with a drawstring and a buckle clip
  • Two insulated bottle holders are built-in (one detachable)
  • There are nine pockets in total: nappies, wipes, and storage.
  • Back and shoulder straps are padded.
  • Key clip on the inside
  • Shoulder straps are used to secure the bag to the stroller.
  • Changing mat included 


  • Big size
  • Expensive investment

3) Terminus Daddy Cool (Compact Edition) Backpack

The perfect diaper bag for daddy – minimal by design & maximum in capacity. 


  • High capacity with dedicated compartments
  • Looks cool for daddy
  • Ergonomic design – increase carry comfort, stability, and breathability
  • Durable & water repellent
  • Fits daddy’s personal belonging too
  • Detachable 2 in 1 baby formula preparation station & stroller organizer
  • Easy to clean


  • Weight  
  • Design is not a favor to the ladies. 
  • No many colorful options

2) Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag

“Function Meet Fashion” is what we can describe in this Skip Hop Forma Backpack. It is lightweight and stylish. The spacious interior has room to organize all baby items in no time. extra wide opening makes it easy to find essentials in a pinch. 


  • Lightweight – easy carry for mommies
  • Modern design and colorful
  • Extra-wide opening, easy to put & look for baby items
  • Many compartments – can organize baby items properly
  • Cushioned changing pad included


  • Price is on the high side

1) Princeton Urban Daddy Pro Diaper Bag (Backpack) 

Princeton Urban Reborn Series Diaper Bag

Designed for man, big & spacious. Offers many compartments and handy features such as easy access to wipes. 


  • Modern Looking
  • Many compartments to organize baby items
  • Insulated bottle holder
  • Come with a diaper changing mat
  • With stroller straps
  • Reasonable Price
  • Lifetime warranty on zipping
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit heavy
  • Not favorable to ladies design

Tips To Consider Babywearing For Mothers

Tips To Consider Babywearing For Parenting

Tip For Babywearing Banner

A study published in Pediatrics found that carrying your baby around throughout the day can reduce crying up to 51%. A baby carrier allows you to carry your baby around while you are doing other things, such as cleaning up after the baby, taking care of other children, or just eating lunch.

Babywearing is a great option for parents who have babies that struggle to sleep in their cribs. It allows them to carry their baby around while they do other things, such as clean the house or take a break from their children.

Babywearing can be a great way to bond with your baby, especially if you are not breastfeeding. It was especially helpful during winters when you couldn’t push any stroller up the stairs or down the snow.

A Toronto pediatric physiotherapist says babywearing is a great way to help your child develop. Although it is important to put babies on their backs when they sleep, they also tend to spend a lot more time awake on their backs. Flathead syndrome, neck tension, and torticollis can result from this. 

Babywearing can be a simple and effective way to treat and prevent these problems. It removes the pressure from the head and allows for more freedom of movement.

Babywearing can facilitate this. “The most important thing in babies’ development,”. Babywearing also allows infants to look around. This allows them to develop neck control, eye contact, and interaction that aid their cognitive development.

Are you ready for babywear but not sure where to begin? Here are the basics.

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Choosing A Carrier For Your Baby

You can try a carrier on in a local store, with a babywearing group, or with a consultant. You will feel most comfortable in a carrier that is right for you. Virtual appointments are available by many consultants, so they can ensure you get the right fit.

Be aware that buckle-equipped carriers, such as those offered by Ergobaby, Baby Tula, Lillebaby, or Beco may not be the best choice for you. Buckle carriers are more structured, making it more difficult for you to adapt them to your body.

While ring slings and stretchy woven wraps can be difficult to adjust to your body, their simple design allows for a customized fit. The Didymos DidyKlick is a half buckle carrier that combines the comfort of a buckle and the adjustability and flexibility of a wrap. They are becoming increasingly popular because they offer ease and comfort.

There are few types of how you can go for babywearing. Structure Baby Carrier, Baby Sling or Baby Wrap. Click HERE to find out more.

There are also many babywearing support groups that could help you in this in Social Media. Join them and get more advice and share some experience with mothers in the group to help each other.

There are also babywearing classes that you can join that are organized by many brands. They are also able to help you with type to select and how to babywearing. 

Babywearing expert suggests that you think about aesthetics once you have decided on a style. They say that you want a carrier you love because you will be wearing it.

Get Started

Parents can learn how to use their baby carriers by watching tutorials on YouTube and joining one of the many Facebook groups that are dedicated to babywearing.


It can be difficult to master any new skill, especially one that involves wriggling babies. Practice with a doll, beans, rice, potatoes, or beans before they are born. Your baby will be calmer and more cooperative if you are confident in sub-ining them.

Take It Slow

Although many babies are hesitant to accept the carrier lifestyle at first, they will eventually love it. It just takes them longer to adjust to the carrier. You can pause when your carrier is tightened. Support your baby with your arms, and then soothe them.

Take a deep breath, and if they aren’t settled, take another deep breath. After they feel secure, you can start to walk or bounce. Some babies will cry until you get moving. Begin with just a few minutes at first. Then, you can start to wear your baby for longer chores or outings.

Place Baby Correctly

Babywearing poses two main risks: a baby could slouch down on their chest and rest their chin on it, or the fabric could block their airway. This can inhibit breathing. This is easily avoided with good positioning.

The carrier should be placed so that your baby’s head is above your chest. The carrier may be too loose if you feel discomfort, back pain, or need to hold your baby’s hand for support. If your baby is grunting or snoring, adjust the position immediately.

Overheating is another concern when babywearing. Babywearing can cause heat buildup. Be sure to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

It is recommended to the parents to raise their baby’s hips higher than their bum. Experts suggest that they keep their baby’s hips elevated above their bum with their hips tucked, and spread the fabric from knee to knee. This position promotes hip development.

A mother babywearing expert says she is grateful to have had her babies, and that her favorite part was the freedom it gave her. She says, “You are meeting the needs of your baby while also meeting your own.” What could be more satisfying than this?