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Huggies Swim Diaper | Little Swimmer | Size S | Size M | Size L

Experience the joy of swimming with your baby from as early as 6 months old with Huggies® Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants. Designed for optimal water fun and learning, these swimpants are a must-have for any water-loving family.

Unmatched Comfort and Protection in the Water:

Unlike regular diapers that swell and become heavy in water, Huggies Swim Diaper maintain their shape, ensuring your baby stays comfortable and protected. Their unique design prevents embarrassing accidents, making them perfect for public pools and beach outings.

Tailored for Little Swimmers:

Huggies Swim Diaper are crafted with stretchy sides for a snug, comfortable fit, allowing your baby to move freely in the water. The convenient tear-away sides make changes quick and hassle-free, even when wet.

Avoid the Hassle of Regular Diapers:

Regular disposable diapers are not suitable for swimming as they swell up and can weigh your baby down. Huggies Swim Diaper are specifically designed to provide protection without the bulk, ensuring your baby’s swimming experience is enjoyable and unrestricted.

Stylish and Fun Designs:

These swimpants come in a variety of colorful designs, adding an extra splash of fun to your baby’s swim time. Their attractive appearance makes them a delightful choice for both parents and babies.

Ideal for Public Pools:

Many public pools restrict the use of regular disposable diapers due to their absorbent core, which can burst and clog filtration systems. Huggies® Little Swimmers are widely accepted in public pools, offering a hassle-free swimming experience.

Pre-Swim Leakage Protection:

Unlike traditional swimming costumes, Huggies Swim Diaper provide effective pre-swim leakage protection, ensuring a clean and enjoyable swimming session.

With Huggies Swim Diaper Disposable Swimpants, you and your baby can enjoy every splash, paddle, and swim with complete peace of mind. Dive into fun-filled water adventures with the confidence that your little one is comfortable, protected, and ready to explore the wonders of water!

Size Chart:

Size S: 7 – 12kg

Size M: 11-15kg

Size L: > 14kg

Huggies Swim Diaper Huggies Swim Diaper Huggies Swim Diaper


Size S: 7-12kg, Size M: 11-15kg, SIze L: >RM14kg


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