Offspring: Fashion Diaper

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Offspring Fashion Diaper

Offspring Fashion Diaper

Fabulously fashionable

Diapering made fun with skin-safe, adorable prints! Choose from a wide variety of exclusive designs from Offspring Fashion Diaper and let your little one wear them with pride. Because who needs pants when your diapers look and feel this good?

Offspring Fashion Diaper

No chlorine = no worries

Chlorine-bleaching produces dioxins, a potential cancer-causing trigger. That’s why we’re very strict in ensuring that our diapers are formulated without chlorine, so you can have peace of mind.

Offspring Fashion Diaper

Absorbency at its best

Designed with a super-absorbent, FSC-certified woodpulp core, these diapers soak up fluids like a sponge to keep your baby’s bottom dry and comfy for up to 8-10 hours.* Perfect for day and overnight usage. When your little one sleeps through the night, you do too.

Offspring Fashion Diaper

Comfort comes up tops

Lovingly wrapped with a plant-based inner and outer sheet that’s luxuriously soft, so your baby’s bottom is cushioned in cottony comfort.

Mindfully Made

Offspring Fashion Diaper is made with sustainable wood pulp from FSC resources

Stylish & Adorable Design

Seasonal design created with ink that’s free of lead and heavy metal*

Our diapers comply with the requirements under the U.S Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (16 CFR Part 1610)

*The ink used on the diaper has passed the California Prop65 test and meets the requirements of the lead content of children’s products required by Section 101 of the CPSIA of 2008.


Offspring Fashion Diaper is made without chlorine, dyes, odour masking agents or fragrances, optical brighteners, latex, and toxic ink

Superior Absorbency

Dual-core technology for better absorbency and keeps baby’s bum dry

Flexible Structure

Advanced double leakguards & super elastic waistband to prevent blowout and leakages

Superior Comfort

Compressed technology & embossed soft top sheet for better breathability and ultimate dryness on baby’s bum

Offspring Fashion Diaper Size Chart



S – 48pcs – 3-6kg

M – 42pcs – 6-10kg

L – 36pcs – 9-13kg

XL – 30pcs – 12-20kg

XXL – 24pcs – 15-23kg

Weight0.00 kg
Dimensions0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
Sizes & Designs

Pants Diaper XXL – Owlzzz, Tape Diaper L – Pinehappy, Tape Diaper L – Hairykiwi, Tape Diaper NB – TangyOrange, Tape Diaper M – Pat The Parrot, Tape Diaper M – Dino Land, Pants Diaper M – Aquatic, Pants Diaper XL – Crafty, Pants Diaper L – Colouriffic, Pants Diaper L – Fish Fiesta, Tape Diaper NB – Dinoland, Tape Diaper NB – Pinehappy, Tape Diaper NB – Avocuddle, Pants Diaper XL – Forestia, Pants Diaper XL – Fun Figures, Pants Diaper M – Owlzz, Pants Diaper L – Fun Figures, Tape Diaper S – Wondermelon, Tape Diaper S – Fantasea, Tape Diaper S – Mystic Waters, Tape Diaper M – Hairykiwi, Tape Diaper M – Willy The Whale, Tape Diaper L – Wondermelon, Pants Diaper XL – Merry Marine, Pants Diaper XL – Fish Fiesta, Pants Diaper M – Merry Marine, Pants Diaper M – Fish Fiesta, Pants Diaper L – Animalaysia, Pants Diaper XXL – Animalaysia, Pants Diaper L – Skyle, Pants Diaper L – Forestia, Pants Diaper M – Animalaysia, Pants Diaper XL – Hugs Bunny, Pants Diaper XL – ABC Dance, Pants Diaper M – Crafty, Pants Diaper XXL – ABC Dance, Pants Diaper XXL – Happy Shapes, Pants Diaper XL – Skye, Pants Diaper XL – Aquatic, Pants Diaper L – ABC Dance, Pants Diaper L – Happy Shapes, Pants Diaper M – ABC Dance, Pants Diaper M – Fun Figures, Tape Diaper XL – FairyTale, Tape Diaper L – Willy The Whale, Tape Diaper L – Pat The Parrot, Tape Diaper L – Meow The Cat, Tape Diaper M – FairyTale, Tape Diaper S – Pat The Parrot, Pants Diaper XXL – Forestia, Pants Diaper XL – Owlzzz

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  1. fatinsyafiqa

    I love offspring since it have good fabric quality which suitable for sensitive skin. The design also cute. I love it!

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