MommyJ: Original Baby Teething Rusks


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MommyJ Original Baby Teething Rusks | 14g x 6 | 6M+

MommyJ Original Baby Teething Rusks with NO added salt are available now !!!

3 Awesome reasons why teething rusks are beneficial during the teething phase.

1) The texture of teething rusk is specifically designed for baby’s gums.
2) Teething rusk helps your child in satisfying his natural urge to chew and bite, providing your baby with the maximum comfort and taste.
3) Also provides the baby with vitamins and nutrients which are highly beneficial for growth.

MommyJ Original Baby Teething Rusks contains all the natural healthy ingredients which are highly beneficial for your baby.

  • They are free from artificial color & preservatives, which makes them a healthy choice for your baby.
  • MommyJ Original Baby Teething Rusks with No added salt version is specifically designed for baby!
  • On top of that, the texture of Mommy J Baby Teething Rusks is custom-made to be 75% heavier and more compact in a stick.
    • It is custom made to keep your baby busy for a long time
    • And also minimize the chance of breaking the rush which also helps prevent choking.
  • Furthermore, natural v calcium is added for building strong teeth & bones for babies.

*Safety advice: Always ensure your baby eats in an upright position. Do not leave your baby alone whilst they are self-feeding. Discard rusks if broken or chewed.

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