K-Mom: Natural Pureness Baby Fabric Softener

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K-Mom Baby Fabric Softener | Natural Pureness | 1300ml

K-Mom Baby Fabric Softener 1

K-Mom Baby fabric softener is certified by German-Dermatest with the highest grade of ‘EXCELLENT’ meaning no skin irritation was observed.

  • USDA Organic certified ingredients.
  • Naturally derived plant-based extracts.
  • Protects Baby’s delicate skin.
  • Anti-bacterial properties from natural ingredients.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Free of 10 harmful chemicals.
  • Superior softening effect for a brand new feel.
  • No irritability to skin.
  • No static on clothes.

Made with ultrapure Refined Perfect Pure (RPP) water where bacteria and impurities that reduce cleaning power is removed through the use of a quintuple filter, hence generating the greatest cleaning power.

Uses plant surfactants that are less stimulating to the baby’s skin.

Contains 5 types of USDA certified organic extracts from Aloe Vera Leaves, Lavender Leaves,
Chamomile Flowers, Centella Asiatica, and Green Tea.

A mild scent that lasts for a long time after drying and yet not stimulating to babies.

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