Crolla: Ezzy R129 Infant Carrier | COMING SOON!

Crolla Ezzy R129 Infant Carrier | ECE R129 | 40-87cm | 1-Year Warranty


  1. Newborn to 87cm: Perfect for Newborns

The Crolla Ezzy R129 Infant Carrier is designed to accommodate children from the newborn stage up to a height of 87cm. This feature ensures that parents can invest in a single car seat that will provide a snug and secure fit for their child right from birth, eliminating the need to purchase multiple seats as the child grows.

  1. i-Size Certified: ECE R129/03 European Safety Standard

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to child car seats, and the Crolla Ezzy R129 Infant Carrier excels in this regard. It is certified under the ECE R129/03 European Safety Standard, also known as i-Size, which is one of the most stringent car seat safety standards in the world. This certification ensures that the seat meets or exceeds all the necessary safety criteria, offering parents peace of mind.

  1. Multi-Height Adjustable Headrest: Ideal for Newborns

One of the standout features of the Crolla Ezzy R129 Infant Carrier is its multi-height adjustable headrest. This headrest can be lowered to the perfect position to accommodate a newborn baby, ensuring that even the smallest passengers are provided with optimal head and neck support. As the child grows, the headrest can be easily adjusted to different heights to continue offering the same level of comfort and safety.

  1. “U-Shape” Head Padding: Essential Support for Baby’s Head and Neck

The unique “U-shape” head padding is another feature that sets this Crolla Ezzy R129 Infant Carrier apart. This design provides essential support to a baby’s head and neck, especially crucial during the early stages when a baby’s neck muscles are still developing. The “U-shape” padding cradles the baby’s head, reducing the risk of it flopping to the side and ensuring a more comfortable and safer journey.

  1. Travel System Compatibility: Seamless Integration with Crolla Flexxi

The Crolla Ezzy R129 Infant Carrier offers the added benefit of being part of a travel system. It can easily attach to the Crolla Flexxi stroller by adding a pair of adaptors. This feature allows parents to transition effortlessly from car to stroller and vice versa without having to disturb a sleeping baby, making it a convenient choice for families who are always on the go.

These features collectively make the Crolla Ezzy R129 Infant Carrier a versatile, safe, and convenient choice for parents looking for a long-term solution to their child’s travel safety needs.

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