Princeton: Monroe Double-Layer Casual Cooler Bag

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    Princeton Monroe Double-Layer Cooler Bag | Casual

    Transform Your Breastfeeding Journey: A Must-Have Cooler Bag for Chic Moms

    Are you a busy breastfeeding mom on-the-go, searching for a stylish yet practical solution to store your breast milk? Look no further! The latest Princeton Monroe Double-Layer Cooler Bag is not just a functional accessory but also a fashion statement for the chic, modern mother.

    With its elegant design and top-notch features, this cooler bag is your perfect companion, whether you’re heading to work or out for a leisurely day with your little one.

    Specifications for the Style-Conscious Mom

    • Size: L 26cm x W 16cm x H 31cm
    • Weight: 800g +/-

    This Princeton Monroe Double-Layer Cooler Bag is not just a necessity but a fashion-forward choice for modern moms. Its chic design, coupled with practical functionality, makes it the ultimate accessory for breastfeeding moms on the move. Whether you’re at work or enjoying a day out, our premium cooler bag ensures your breast milk stays fresh, catering to your baby’s needs in style.

    Remember, being a mom doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or convenience. Embrace your breastfeeding journey with our elegant, high-quality cooler bag designed to make your life easier and more fashionable.

    Why Choose this Princeton Monroe Double-Layer Cooler Bag?

    Q: What sets this cooler bag apart in terms of design?

    A: Crafted from luxurious synthetic leather, Princeton Monroe Double-Layer Cooler Bag features an exquisite design highlighted by a rose gold metal plate logo and matching zippers. This unique blend of style and functionality ensures you stand out in any crowd, making your daily fashion look distinct and sophisticated.

    Q: How practical is the bag for daily use?

    A: Princeton Monroe Double-Layer Cooler Bag boasts a water-repellent surface, making it incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean. With a dual compartment design, the bottom part serves as a thermal storage space ideal for keeping breast milk fresh or storing food, while the upper compartment is perfect for your breast pump or other mother and baby essentials.

    Q: Can it maintain the temperature of stored items?

    A: Yes! Without an ice pack, the bag can maintain the temperature for 2-6 hours at room temperature. For extended cooling, using one ice pack can keep breast milk cool for 8-12 hours, and with two ice packs, it can stay cool for 16-24 hours. (Note: Ice packs are sold separately, and their use enhances cooling efficiency.)

    Q: What about the ease of carrying and convenience?

    A: The Princeton Monroe Double-Layer Cooler Bag is designed for utmost convenience with an easy handle and a 1.3 meters removable strap, allowing for versatile use as a hand-carry, shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or backpack. It also features a small pocket on the back for storing small items, adding to its practicality.

    Princeton Monroe Double Layer Cooler Bag Princeton Monroe Double Layer Cooler Bag

    Weight1.5 kg
    Dimensions28 × 35 × 17 cm


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