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Nuby: Squeeze Feeder


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Nuby Squeeze Feeder

A> Garden Fresh – Squeeze Feeder | 4M+ | 1pc

Nuby Squeeze Feeder Garden Fresh

Nuby Squeeze Feeder is a convenient way to feed your baby milk, formula, first pureed foods, and cereals and to help make feeding time easier and less messy. Simply fill the soft silicone bottle with your baby rice or puree and gently squeeze until the desired amount of food collects onto the spoon to feed the baby. Nuby squeeze feeder comes with a protective cover for easy storage and less waste whilst feeding on the go.

  • Step 1 Spoon: Smaller hole for first foods
  • Step 2 Spoon: Large hole for thicker foods ( included )

Size : 3oz / 90ml

Recommended Age: From 4 Months & Above

Packing : 1 unit / Pack[/col]

Nuby Squeeze Feeder Garden Fresh GREENNuby Squeeze Feeder Garden Fresh BLUENuby Squeeze Feeder Garden Fresh PINK

B> Mini Squeeze Feeder With Hygienic Cover | 3M+ | 1pc

Nuby Squeeze Feeder Mini Squeeze Feeder

The E-Z Squee-Z is perfect for the transition to semisolid foods and purees, as well as for promoting self-feeding. The squeezable silicone bottle and pressure-sensitive valves in the feeding pouch are ideal for feeding the baby and are safe for them to use as well. Bottle made from soft silicone.

  • Great for introducing soft solids
  • Perfect for little hands
  • BPA Free

Recommended Age: From 3 Months & Above

Packing : 1 unit / Pack

Nuby Squeeze Feeder Mini Squeeze BLUENuby Squeeze Feeder Mini Squeeze GREENNuby Squeeze Feeder Mini Squeeze PINK

Design & Colour

Garden Fresh Squeeze Feeder – Blue, Garden Fresh Squeeze Feeder – Green, Garden Fresh Squeeze Feeder – Pink, Mini Squeeze Feeder – Blue, Mini Squeeze Feeder – Green, Mini Squeeze Feeder – Pink


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