Doomoo: Softy Nursing Pillow


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Doomoo: Softy Nursing Pillow
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Doomoo Softy Nursing Pillow | 0M+

Doomoo Soft Nursing Pillow-2

2 in 1

Support during breast and bottle feeding and a cushion for the baby to play and rest.

Doomoo Soft Nursing Pillow ADJUSTABLE COMFORT

Adjustable comfort

Due to it’s micro pearl filling the shape is easily adaptable depending on your own

Doomoo Soft Nursing Pillow REFILLABLE

Refillable and interchangeable

Refill the pillow or change the cover style

Are you in for something soft? Doomoo Softy Nursing Pillow is a compact multi-use and ultra-comfortable cushion to cling around your waist during breast- and bottle-feeding, to lie down your baby, or to clasp around baby’s waist for sitting and playing upright.


What’s in a name?

Doomoo Softy Nursing Pillow is your most compact, soft, and mellow multi-use cushion. The combination of fine and silent micro-pearls and an extra soft, elastic bio-cotton fabric make Softy exceptionally flexible and comfortable for both you and your baby.

Doomoo Softy Nursing Pillow is your go-to companion when you’re breast- or bottle-feeding. Just cling Softy around your waist and snuggle baby close to you. Next to extra support during feeding, Softy also safely supports your baby in different positions, from lying down to sitting and playing upright. Clasp Softy around your baby’s waist and look at baby enjoying him/herself.

Doomoo Softy Nursing Pillow is a life long product. Did someone make a mess? No stress, Softy’s cover is removable and washable. Feeling like a new design? Separate covers of are available. Did you use Softy so much the filling is losing its shape? No worries, Softy’s filling is refillable.

Doomoo Soft Nursing Pillow
Doomoo Soft Nursing Pillow
Doomoo Soft Nursing Pillow-3


The cover is machine washable at 30°C.

Do not tumble dry.

Every once and a while, the inner pillow can be washed at 30°. Wrap it in a washing bag to protect it. Let dry it in the open air.

The Doomoo Softy Nursing Pillow is a life long product with refills available.
After a certain time of use it is possible, and absolutely normal, that the micro balls inside the doomoo Softy start to flatten. Therefore, we have refills of 12 litres of polystyrene micro balls available for order with your retailer.
You can refill the doomoo Softy easily by unzipping the inside cover (video).

Doomoo Softy Nursing Pillow is wrapped in a plastic bag as soon as it is manufactured. It is, therefore, possible that certain odours emanating from the different materials used will be evident on opening. Once the doomoo softy is placed in a well-ventilated room any odour should quickly disappear.


Cover: 95% organic cotton & 5% elastane
Interior cover: 92% polyester & 8% elastane
Filling: Micro balls of expanded polystyrene
Dimension: 150 cm


Bear Grey, Classic Light Grey, Spring Pink


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