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    Doomoo Rest Easy | 0M+

    Sloped positioner

    What if doomoo could literally elevate your baby’s upper body while sleeping? doomoo’s Rest Easy is a sloped positioner with an angle of 15°, which will help your baby breathe and digest comfortably while resting. Rest Easy is recommended by pediatricians in case your baby has a cold, a respiratory infection, or an ear infection. But also if your little one tends to regurgitate. Lay baby on the slope to rest and let gravity do its job.

    You can place the Doomoo Rest Easy on top of your baby’s mattress or under your baby’s mattress. The Doomoo Rest Easy is also compatible with the doomoo back positioners Supreme Sleep, Supreme Sleep Plus & Multi Sleep.

    The doomoo basics positioner should not be used when the baby is able to turn independently.

    Doomoo Rest Easy Small          Doomoo Rest Easy Small          Doomoo Rest Easy Small


    • Cover washable in a machine (30°C)
    • Tumble dry low


    • Cover: 100% polyester, PU coating
    • Inside: Polyurethane foam
    • Dimension : 33X 29 cm
    • The Rest Easy exists in 2 sizes (for the crib and for bed – 30 & 60 cm)

    Weight1.0 kg
    Dimensions10 × 29 × 34 cm


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