Bubbles: Travel Fork & Spoon Set


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Bubbles Travel Fork & Spoon Set
Bubbles: Travel Fork & Spoon Set
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Bubbles Travel Fork & Spoon Set | 2 pcs | 6M+

Introducing Bubbles Travel Fork & Spoon Set: The Perfect Dining Companion for Your Little One

Teach Your Baby to Eat Like an Adult, Safely and Conveniently!

Is your baby ready to transition from milk to solid foods? Are you looking for a safe and convenient way to introduce your little one to self-feeding? The Bubbles Travel Fork & Spoon Set is designed to make mealtime enjoyable and hassle-free for both you and your baby.

Product Features

Safe Materials

Our fork and spoon set is made from PP + TPE, which is BPA-free, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby.

Heat-Sensitive Color Change

Worried about serving food that’s too hot? Our utensils change color if the food is too hot, adding an extra layer of safety.

Gentle on Gums

The round tips are gentle on your baby’s tender gums, making the transition to solid foods more comfortable.


Designed to flex and bend at all angles, our utensils are easy for little hands to grip and maneuver.

Self-Feeding Made Easy

The size and design are perfect for encouraging self-feeding and helping your baby gain independence.


The set comes with a travel case, making it convenient to carry and maintain hygiene while you’re on the go.

How to Clean/Sterilize

1. Wash the utensils before and after every use.
2. Suitable for UV Sterilization only.

Recommended Age

– Suitable for babies aged 6 months and up.

Why Choose Bubbles Travel Fork & Spoon Set?

– **Safety**: Made from BPA-free materials and designed with heat-sensitive color change.
– **Comfort**: Round tips are gentle on baby’s gums.
– **Flexibility**: Designed to bend and flex for easy grip and use.
– **Convenience**: Comes with a travel case for hygiene and portability.
– **Age-Appropriate**: Perfectly sized for babies learning to self-feed.

Mealtime is a crucial part of your baby’s development, and the Bubbles Travel Fork & Spoon Set is designed to make it a positive experience. Order now and make mealtime a joyful journey for your little one!


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