Britax: Gravity II Compact Stroller


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Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller | 0-22kg | 1-Year Warranty

Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller Desc

Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller: The Ultimate Travel System

Introducing the Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller, a state-of-the-art stroller designed with the modern parent in mind. This stroller stands out due to its unique one-handed folding and unfolding mechanism, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go parents. Whether you’re navigating through busy airports or bustling city streets, the Gravity II ensures a hassle-free experience.

**From Newborn to Toddler:**
The Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller is versatile and grows with your child. It is expertly designed to accommodate infants and children from birth up to a weight of 22 kg, which is approximately the age of 4 years. This ensures that the stroller remains a constant companion for your child’s early years, providing comfort and safety at every stage.

**Complete Package for Your Peace of Mind:**
Every Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller comes with a robust bumper bar, ensuring additional safety for your little one. Whether you’re taking a stroll in the park or shopping in a mall, the bumper bar provides an extra layer of protection.

Moreover, for parents who are always on the move, the Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller includes a travel bag. This durable bag is perfect for storing the stroller when not in use or for protecting it during travels. It’s a thoughtful addition that underscores the stroller’s commitment to being the ultimate travel system.

In summary, the Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller is not just a means of transportation for your child; it’s a thoughtfully designed system that prioritizes convenience, safety, and longevity. With its one-handed operation, suitability from birth to toddlerhood, and the inclusion of essential accessories like the bumper bar and travel bag, it’s a comprehensive solution for modern parents.

Britax Gravity II Compact Stroller SIDE VIEWBritax Gravity II Compact Stroller SIDE RECLINE VIEWBritax Gravity II Compact Stroller FOLDED


1. Cutting-Edge Auto-Folding Technology:

Experience the future of stroller design with our auto-folding technology. This feature ensures an incredibly effortless operation, allowing parents to fold and unfold the stroller with ease. Not only is this function highly convenient, but it also adds a touch of modern sophistication to your strolling experience.

2. Sophisticated Charcoal Black Leg Tubing:

Our stroller boasts sleek and stylish charcoal black leg tubing. This dark hue adds an element of elegance, ensuring that your stroller stands out in a crowd and reflects a sense of refined taste.

3. Distinctive Wheel Design:

The wheels of our stroller are meticulously crafted, featuring a rubber skin that ensures durability and smooth movement. They are filled with EVA for added resilience. The golden rim provides a striking contrast, adding a pop of color and a luxurious touch. This design not only ensures functionality but also serves as a fashionable color accent.

4. Signature Britax Romer Branding:

Showcasing the trusted Britax Romer branding, our stroller has the logo either printed or heat transferred on both its hardware and soft goods. This ensures authenticity and reflects the premium quality of the product.

5. Tactile Operating Elements:

Functionality meets design with our stroller’s operating elements. Features such as the footrest and release button are enhanced with a tactile surface, designed in a hexagon or honeycomb pattern. This not only provides a better grip but also adds a touch of aesthetic appeal.

6. Advanced Canopy Design:

Protect your little one from the elements with our extendable canopy. It comes equipped with a mesh window, allowing for better ventilation and ensuring your child remains comfortable. Moreover, the canopy offers UPF 50+ protection, shielding your child from harmful UV rays while you’re out and about.


Frost Grey, Marble Blue


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