Arley: X20 UV-C Sterilizer

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    Arley X20 UV-C Sterilizer | 20L | 1-Year Warranty

    Arley X20 UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer: The Ultimate Guardian for Your Baby’s Health

    Ensure the utmost cleanliness for your baby’s items with the Arley X20 UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer. Perfect for health-conscious mothers seeking peace of mind. Sterilize, dry, and store with ease.

    As a mother, you prioritize the health and safety of your little one above all else. The Arley X20 UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer is your ally in this noble quest, offering unparalleled sterilization power to keep your baby’s world germ-free. With its advanced UV-C technology, this sterilizer is a must-have for every mother who values hygiene and convenience.

    • Peace of Mind: Equipped with 17 UV LED beads, the Arley X20 UV-C Sterilizer is designed to eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring your baby’s items are safe and sterile.
    • Versatile Functionality: Whether you need to sterilize, dry, or just store your baby’s essentials, Arley X20 UV-C Sterilizer has a mode to suit every need—making it a versatile addition to your nursery.
    • Nighttime Necessity: The thoughtful night mode and automatic night light make nighttime feedings and changes seamless, without disturbing your baby’s sleep.
    • Efficient Design: With a 20-liter capacity and three adjustable tray levels, organize and sterilize multiple items at once, saving time for more precious moments with your little one.
    • Eco-Friendly: The UV LED technology is not only powerful but also energy-efficient, making it an eco-conscious choice for your household.

    Arley X20 UV-C Sterilizer INTERNAL VIEW

    Usage Modes:

      • On/Off
      • Light: Automatically turns on the night light, which automatically turns off after 30 minutes
      • Auto: Offers sterilization and drying in a single session lasting for 30, 50, or 70 minutes. The first 10 minutes involve UV sterilization, followed by the drying process.
      • Dry: Provides drying functionality for 10, 40, or 60 minutes at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius.
      • Sterilize: Runs a sterilization cycle for 10, 15, or 20 minutes.
      • Storage: Operates for 24 hours, utilizing UV-A LED beads for the entire duration. Additionally, every 2 hours, there is a 10-minute session using UV-C LED beads.
      • Night: Optimized for nighttime use, this mode includes a 10-minute UV sterilization session followed by 80 minutes of drying. The light brightness is reduced by 30%, and the fan speed is reduced by 50%.


    • Convenient Modes: Choose from auto, dry, sterilize, storage, and night modes for a customized sterilization experience.
    • Peace of Mind: The Arley X20 comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected against manufacturer defects.
      • Model: Arley X20 20L UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer
      • Rated Power: 230 Watts
      • UV Type: UV LED Beads x17
      • Storage Capacity: 20 Liters with 3 adjustable tray levels
      • Net Weight: 6.2kg
      • Dimensions: 376 x 378.5 x 331.3mm
      • Warranty: 1 Year (manufacturer defects)

    Upgrade to the Arley X20 20L UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer today and join the community of mothers who choose the best for their babies. Click to purchase and embrace the ultimate sterilization solution!


    Arley X20 UV-C Sterilizer REPORT


    Weight6 kg
    Dimensions44 × 44 × 41 cm


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