Arley: Ergo Bathtub

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Arley Ergo Bathtub: Safe, ergonomic, and stylish for joyful, bonding baths. Non-slip, durable, easy-clean. Perfect for your baby’s comfort.

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Arley Ergo Bathtub | 0M+ | 26L

Transform bath time into an oasis of tranquility and connection with the Arley Ergo Bathtub. This isn’t just a tub; it’s a nurturing space where parents can strengthen bonds with their little ones through the soothing ritual of a warm bath.

Every aspect of the Arley Ergo Bathtub is meticulously crafted, prioritizing the safety, comfort, and convenience for both the caregiver and child, ensuring these precious moments are as serene as they are secure.

Arley Ergo Bathtub FEATURES

A Symphony of Style and Serenity

  • Embrace the essence of a mother’s tender touch with the Arley Ergo Bathtub. Its design is a nod to the serene simplicity of Nordic minimalism, featuring smooth lines and an uncluttered aesthetic that transforms your bathroom into a sanctuary of style. It’s the perfect backdrop for the beautiful beginnings of your baby’s life.

Cradle of Comfort

  • The Arley Ergo Bathtub is an epitome of thoughtful design, boasting an ergonomic shape that gently supports your baby in the ideal reclining position. With a specially designed incline for infants and a detachable infant bath seat for the tiniest bathers, your baby can lounge in luxury, making bath time a breeze. This design grants parents the ease of movement, reducing strain and allowing you to cherish every splash and giggle with your little one.

Safety and Simplicity in Harmony

  • Safety is paramount with the Arley Ergo Tub’s non-slip surface, ensuring your baby stays put without any unwanted slips. The integrated soap dish keeps cleansing essentials close at hand, allowing you to maintain a watchful eye and an engaging interaction with your baby at all times. Crafted from robust plastic and silicone, cleaning is a snap, and the large silicone handle offers effortless portability. Whether you’re filling, moving, or storing the tub, or simply hanging it up to dry, convenience is at your fingertips.

A Gentle Reminder for Safety

  • While the Arley Ergo Bathtub is a bastion of safety, it’s important to note that it should not be used with any bathtub stand. Once babies gain the strength to move, the risk of falls or toppling increases, especially as they grow. Plus, the quick rusting of metal stands from constant moisture exposure can lead to breakage, adding unnecessary danger to your baby’s bath time.

Durability Meets Design

  • Constructed with the finest materials through an advanced manufacturing process, the Arley Ergo Tub is virtually indestructible. Despite its strength, it remains flexible and light, ensuring it’s a breeze to handle and a fixture in your home that will endure through your baby’s growth.

Specifications for the Modern Home

  • Dimensions: 85cm x 46cm x 33cm
  • Weight: A featherlight 1.7kg
  • Shipping Weight: A mere 2kg
  • Composition: The bathtub and infant insert are made from PP, heat resistant up to 100°C, while the water cap, handle, and soap dish are crafted from TPE, withstanding temperatures up to 90°C.

Arley Ergo Bathtub SIZE

The Arley Ergo Bathtub is more than a bathtub; it’s a vessel for moments of joy, a cradle of comfort, and a testament to modern, safe design. Make it a centerpiece of your daily routine and watch as bath time becomes a highlight, full of laughter, love, and the splish-splash of tiny feet.


Weight25 kg
Dimensions33 × 44 × 84 cm


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