LittleWhiz On The News @ Si Kecilku TV3 | June 2011 already famous and being selected in promoting about car seat by TV3 in June 2011 for a TV show that show about children. @ Women Who Rock Online | 29 August 2013 (Rachel Yan) was being selected to talk about the women who rock the online event by GBG, PJ. @ Bulletin Utama TV3 | 27 June 2014 was interview as being among the leader in selling via online and through our popular website on Bulletin Utama news.

LittleWhiz On The News

Promoting E-commerce with MDEC | 24 October2014 was selected by MDEC as one of the e-commerce pioneer in the industry to promote more business people engaging e-commerce. Total of 8 different industry was selected. @ Bella NTV7 | 24 March 2015 (Louis Tan) was being selected to introduce type of car seat that are available in the market and usage. 

Louis Tan Car Seat Trainer On The News

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Sin Chew 031020