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Hari Raya 2024

Hari Raya Promo 2024

Date: 1/3/24 – 30/4/24

Make Your own combo

How it works

Create your own Combo (Car Seat & Stroller) and let us know. We will work out a SPECIAL COMBO price for you. Terms & Conditions apply.

Surf Website

Surf our website in the car seat and stroller categories for the comboination that is suitable for your lifestyle. Reach us for more information if you are not sure which one to get.

Whatsapp Us

Let us know your combo. It needs to be a combination of a car seat with a stroller. Car Seat can be any car seat. Minimum purchase of RM1000 for both item.


We will come out with a special combo price for you and viola! The purchase is completed.


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