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Philips Avent: Pacifier


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Philips Avent Pacifier

Ultra Soft Orthodontic Soother | 0-6M | 6-18M

The softest soother for your baby’s delicate skin.

For delicate skin, the Philips Avent Pacifier extremely soft pacifier is suitable. Our exceptionally soft*, flexible shield moulds to your baby’s cheeks, leaving fewer marks and irritations for a more relaxing experience.

The shield is flexible for a comfortable fit.

For fewer skin marks and irritation, choose a soft, flexible shield.

  • Sensitive skin necessitates additional attention. This soother’s shield technology allows it to follow the natural curves of your baby’s face for a secure fit. Your child will have fewer skin markings and be less irritated.

Everyday comfort with a rounded shield

  • Philips Avent Pacifier circular shield reduces pressure for soft, comfortable soothing on your child’s cheeks.

It is adored by infants all around the world.

  • When we asked mothers how their kids react to our textured silicone nipples, 98 percent said their kids like Philips Avent ultra soft and ultra air pacifiers.

For relaxing comfort, a textured, silky nipple is used.

  • The smooth, textured silicone nipple of this Philips Avent Pacifier soothes and comforts your child.

Designed to promote healthy oral development.

  • The symmetrical design of our foldable silicone nipple protects your baby’s palate, teeth, and gums as he or she grows.

In one convenient case, sterilize and store

  • The ultra-soft travel case also acts as a steriliser, so all you have to do is fill it with water and microwave it. Then you may relax, knowing that it’s ready for the next use.

Ultra SAir Orthodontic Soother | 0-6M | 6-18M

The Philips Avent Ultra Air soother lets the skin of your baby breathe. 4 larger holes and a light bib allow for optimum airflow, minimising skin discomfort caused by humidity.

Lightweight Philips Avent Pacifier with breathable texture for delicate skin

  • 4 enlarged holes
  • The skin remains dry, without irritation
  • Rounded edges do not irritate the skin

Soft and pleasant to the touch nipple

  • 98% of kids quickly become accustomed to our Ultra Air soother.
  • Velvety nipple for baby comfort that is pleasant to the touch
  • Designed to promote tooth formation in a natural way.

Case for sterilization and storage

  • Convenient and safe sterilization in the microwave oven
  • A few simple steps to sterilize in 3 minutes

Philips Avent Pacifier Ultra Soft Orthodontic 6-18M GREY BLUEPhilips Avent Pacifier Ultra Soft Orthodontic 6-18M PINK PURPLEPhilips Avent Pacifier Ultra Soft Orthodontic 0-6M PINK WHITEPhilips Avent Pacifier Ultra Soft Orthodontic 0-6M GREEN GREYPhilips Avent Pacifier Ultra Air Orthodontic 6-18M PAW BEARPhilips Avent Pacifier Ultra Air Orthodontic 0-6M Green Yellow







Weight0.00 kg
Dimensions0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
Design & Size

Ultra Soft 6-18M – 2pcs – Grey/Blue (Whale/Stars) (SCF223/03), Ultra Soft 6-18M – 2pcs – Pink/Purple (Hello Princess/Swan) (SCF223/02), Ultra Soft 0-6M – 2pcs – Pink/White (Dreams/Swan) (SCF222/02), Ultra Soft 0-6M – 2pcs – Green/Grey (Hello Baby/Ship) (SCF221/01), Ultra Air 6-18M – 2pcs – Paw/Bear (SCF085/03), Ultra Air 0-6M – 2pcs – Green/Yellow (Elephant/Tiger) (SCF085/01), Ultra Air 0-6M – 2pcs – Blue/Green (Hello/Animal) (SCF342/20), Ultra Air 0-6M – 2pcs – Pink/Blue (Tree/Cloud) (SCF0343/20)


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