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Walplus: Kids Education A-Z Wall Sticker

Walplus: Kids Education A-Z Wall Sticker
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Walplus: Kids Education A-Z Wall Sticker
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Walplus: Kids Education A-Z Wall Sticker
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Name: Walplus: Kids Education A-Z Wall Sticker
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  • This product can be attached directly to the walls, smooth wallpaper surfaces, ceramic tiles, wooden surfaces, window surfaces, screens, glasses, plastic surfaces and mirrors
  • It is self-adhesive & steam resistant
  • User-friendly and no special prowess required
  • Easily  removable without leaving stains or damage your wall
  • Size : 30cm x 60cm

* The colour might be slightly different depending on your screen lightness.

Application Instructions

  1. Clean and dry surface to make sure that the surface must be flat and there is no any carve;
  2. Take out the image from the backing paper;
  3. Apply to the surface as the picture shows;
  4. Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.

Q: What is wall sticker?
A: Wall Sticker is a new idea for home improvement in a much simpler & economical alternative to wallpaper & painting. Now, you may change your wall decoration every season, every month or even every week!

Q: How the Sticker Apply?
A: Simply Peel & Stick to the wall that has been cleaned. They are easily applied to your walls and will transform a room quickly. Furthermore, when you are ready to alter your room again, all you have to do is to peel it off without having the hassle that you experianced in wallpaper.

Q: Where can I apply the sticker?
A: You can apply to any painted wall, screens, wood surface and etc.

Q: Can I reuse my stickers?
A: Yes, our wall stickers can be reused until the adhesive lost its function, normally it can be restick for at least 4 to 5 times.

Q: Can the sticker be removed without damaging the wall?
A: Unlike conventional wallpaper, our wall stickers can be removed with ease without damaging your wall, just peel and dump.  Shall the stickers too stick, you may heat it up with hair dryer to softern the glue before peeling.
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