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US Baby: Sili-Smart Silicone Pacifier - Flat Shape - 1pc

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Product Descriptions :-
  • Made of medical grade platinum silicone, heat stable up to 310 Deg C, safer than PC, PEX, PPSU FEEDING BOTTLE.
  • No deformation and does not release toxic substances, does not contain nitrosamines
  • Experiment proven that the breaking test is comply with highest safety standards of Europe CE. One piece design, no part will fall out to avoid baby swallow the pacifier accidentally.
  • Strictly pass the International ISO10993 test:  Sensitive test, Skin Irritating Test, Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity Test.
  • Protection Case is attached for hygiene storage, can be sterilized.

Materials :-

  • Medical Grade Platinum Silicone, heat stable up to 310 Deg C. 
  • Lid : Polypropylene, heat stable up to 120 Deg C.

Precautions :-

  1. Under heat stable 310 DegC, suggested that sterilized for 5 minutes will do.
  2. Sterilize with multi functional Sterilizer every time before use, store at hygiene place, avoid cockroaches to ensure baby's health.
  3. Please use pacifier chain together when using pacifier. Hook the pacifier chain at the baby?s clothes so that it is safe use.
  4. Keep away from ignition and avoid contact will sharp tools.
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