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Tiny Bites: Kitchen Scissors On The Go


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Kitchen Scissors On The Go by Tiny Bites (2 pcs in a pack)

Ed and Anila Nitekman designed and created the award-winning TINY BITES Food Shears because every parent they knew, themselves included, had meal time angst and dinner table battles, regardless of the age of their child. Concern over safe consumption size for an older infant or toddler; worrying what to feed a picky eater; trying to cut meal preparation time in half.


Knowing there was no such product designed for parents to easily and efficiently cut food, especially on the go, Ed and Anila designed and developed Tiny Bites Food Shears with the features they knew would appeal to all parents.


Tiny Bites Food Shears are fun and functional. They allow parents to safely, easily and efficiently cut their child?s food into small pieces to ensure safe consumption. They can easily turn any food into perfect "finger foods?, bite-sized pieces, easy-to-eat strips, fun shapes or sizes. 


Features of the Tiny Bites :



  • BPA free and does not contain lead or any harmful material
  • Cutlery grade stainless steel blade use in most of medical equipment
  • Child proof blade cover ensure cleaniness and safety
  • Small and light easy to carry out
  • Ease of cutting, cut meal preparing time into half
  • Measurement on scissors ensure safe consumption size
  • Easy to cut food into different shapes and sizes
  • Create fun shapes & letters to satisfy picky eaters
Note: 2 pcs of Scissors in a pack


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