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Philips Avent: Natural Glass Bottle 120ml/4oz - 1pc

Philips Avent: Natural Glass Bottle 120ml/4oz - 1pc
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Philips Avent: Natural Glass Bottle 120ml/4oz - 1pc
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Name: Philips Avent: Natural Glass Bottle 120ml/4oz - 1pc
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The Philips Avent NEW Natural Glass Bottle is made of premium quality borosilicate glass, a BPA free material, and works with all nipples and caps from the Natural line.

Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle the most natural way to bottle feed. The wide, breast-shaped nipple promotes natural latch-on so you can easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The unique comfort petals provide an extra soft, flexible nipple without nipple collapse. In addition, the anti-colic newborn-flow nipple helps newborns feed comfortably and easily, and the ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for parents to hold and easy for small fingers to grasp. Assembly is simple, with only a few parts, and the wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy.

  • Quality pharmaceutical glass, pure glass of top quality, heat resistant, 
  • In compliance to European Standards EN 14350
  • Natural like mother, nipple is soft and breast-shaped to promote comfortable latch-on
  • With new innovative twin valves features for better anti-colic system
  • Ergonomic bottle is easy for parents and babies to grasp
Natural, Flexible Nipple Feels More Like Mom's Breast
The included breast-shaped Natural newborn-flow nipple helps you combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Its organic shape promotes natural, easy latch-on so your baby can feed contentedly and without interruption.
Built-in unique comfort petals make the nipple softer and more flexible. The petals around the sides also reinforce the shape of the nipple to keep it from collapsing in your baby's mouth, ensuring smooth feedings.

Twin Anti-Colic Valves Make Feeding More Comfortable
The Natural nipple has twin anti-colic valves that work to make feeding more comfortable for babies. During feeding, the valves release air back into the bottle rather than into your baby's tummy, which reduces colic and discomfort.

Ergonomic Bottle Is Easy to Grasp
The Natural glass bottle's wide neck helps you pour breast milk or formula without spills and offers ample room to use a brush to clean hard-to-reach areas once your baby has been fed. The ergonomic 4-ounce/8-ounce Avent glass bottle is comfortable for parents and easy for babies to hold on to when they're ready. Fewer parts mean that assembling your baby's next meal is fast and simple. Clear measurements on the side of the bottle let you instantly know how much your baby has eaten.

Borosilicate Glass Is BPA Free, Safe for Babies
This Natural bottle is made of premium quality borosilicate glass, a BPA free material. Glass is also easy to wash and sterilize--Sterilize in any Philips AVENT steam sterilizer or boil in water.

Compatible with All Natural Philips AVENT Bottles and Parts
Like all Natural Philips AVENT bottles, this bottle works with other Natural bottles and components. As your baby grows, you can switch between different Natural bottle sizes and nipples to meet your child's changing needs. The Natural Philips AVENT bottle works with all Natural Philips AVENT nipples.

This Philip Avent Natural 120ml/4oz Glass Bottle come  with newborn teat.

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