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For some customers who's order and stock are not available

Customers wish to change the items and they need to top up for their orders.

1. Just select the amount needed to top up, please add accordingly as we uses basi simple calculations.
If you need to top RM0.90, just select RM0.50 + RM0.30 + RM0.10 which will total up to RM0.90.

If you need to top up RM105.20, just select RM100.00 + RM5.00 + RM0.20 which will total up to RM105.20

2. Just key in the previous Order ID. We will then know who top up and for which order.

3. Just add this to cart as if you are purchasing a products and checkout. Then you will be directed to the payment methods. Select the payment payment and make the payment.

4.  You are DONE !!
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