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OCA: Baby Water Pillow

OCA: Baby Water Pillow
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OCA: Baby Water Pillow
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OCA: Baby Water Pillow
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OCA: Baby Water Pillow
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Name: OCA: Baby Water Pillow
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A small child can sleep on a water pillow in just the same way as it did inside it's mother. The soft and gentle movements from the water create security around the sleeping baby and this reminds the baby of its earliest sensory impressions. The water pillow gently shapes itself around the entire back of the head and gives the child conditions for a sound and natural sleep. It is particularly important for small children to sleep soundly, as this is the time when the impressions from the experiences of the day deepen in a child's awareness.

The OCA baby water pillow is non-allergic and easy to keep clean. The water pillow comes in Aqua and Pink and so it is suitable for most cots and cradles and for children from 0 to 2 years old. The removable pillow cover is washable at 95 degrees and can be tumble dried.

OCA baby water pillow is designed to provide your baby with most comfortable, advanced sleep surface available today. Hospital studies have shown that babies sleep better and gain weight more quickly when on a water pillow than on a regular stuffed pillow. There is less pressure on the circulatory system and on the soft bones of the head. There has been a decrease in the incidence of sudden infant crib syndrome in hospitals where premature babies have been placed on modern cot waterbeds and the nurses are less busy with waking babies.

  • Enhance baby's head development
  • Feel cool and comfortable while sleeping, help to reduce risk of fever and heat
  • Washable, do not leave any bad smells thus more hygiene.
  • 100% prevent dust mites and bacteria, prevention of sensitive nose and asthma problem.
  • Is more durable than other brands
  • Improve sleep quality, promote healthy living
  • Convenience to store when not in use.

Recommended Age : From Newborn to 2 Years Old

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