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Lacte: Duet Omnia Pro Rechargeable Breast Pump + Lacte Silicone Collection Cup Set

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This promotion package consist of below items :-

1) Lacte Duet Omnia Pro Rechargeable Breast Pump x 1 Set
2) Lacte Silicone Collection Cup with 27mm funnel with 24mm insert x 1 Pair

Product Details

Rechageable Battery

2nd Gen Soft Breastshield with only 4-piece Assembly

Closed System with Anti-Backflow

Original Size Breastshield is 25mm

Optional Breastshield Funnel Size : 21mm , 25mm , 29mm

2 Mode + Turbo

9 Level Stimulation Mode

9 Level Expression Mode


9 Level Turbo Mode ( Turbo mode is extended suction mode from Expression mode for extra Suction Strength )

Auto Mode Switching

Automatically switch from Stimulation to Expression mode after 2 minutes

Can be disabled by toggling 2x to stimulation mode

- Speed Control . Does not effect suction strength . Highly flexible settings so you can find what works best for your body . Optimum Speed setting increase pumping efficiency and reduce pumping time

5 Speed Level on Each Vacuum Setting for both Stimulation & Expression Mode

Not available on Turbo mode

- User Friendly . Very Easy to use . Clear display layout . No Confusing Setting to remember

- Memory it remember your last used setting in each mode

- Light & Compact . Only 270g

- Lock Screen . Prevent accidental touch that interrupt your pumping session

- Ultra Silent one of the quietest breast pumps in the market

- Silent Control ( Mute Beep ) . Disable the touch Beep sound for complete silent operation

- USB Type-C . Charge with any USB power source . Easy to plug into Phone Charger , Powerbank , PC USB port etc

- Double Connector . Convenience of switching from double to single pumping . Can connect to any type of breast shield or handsfree kit at ease

- Lanyard Hook

- Expression pressure : Max single - 0.032MPa, Double - 0.028MPa

Warranty : 2 Years

Lacte Handsfree Silicone Collection Cup

Lacte Hands Free Silicone Collection Cup [27mm Funnel with 24mm Insert] compatible with any electric breast pump - Lacte, Spectra, Cimilre, Medela, Haenim, Youha, Treenie, Malish, Philips Avent, Autumz and more

Feature & Information

1. Wash and dry hands before assemble parts for hygiene purpose .

2. Recommended to wash by using baby bottle cleansing detergent and steriliser .

3. Position handsfree where your nipple is placed right i the centre of the breast shield .

4. Upon completion of pumping , place the milk collection cup flat on table , remove tubing and pour the breastmilk into milk storage bottle / milk storage bag .

5. Wash and steriliser , ensure the parts are completely dry and store in a container / clean space .

This product has 8 parts : 3 PP parts , 4 silicone parts , 1 silicone tubing .

All made with food grade materials .


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