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Playskool: Explore 'N Grow: Step Start Walk 'n Ride


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Playskool Explore 'N Grow Step Start Walk 'n Ride


ZOOOOOOOOM! Your child will love zipping around on his Step Start Walk N Ride. With bright colors and fun accessories to pull, twist, spin, and roll, this colorful toy provide multiple ways to teach and entertain your child. Best of all, it's two toys in one! Once your child masters walking and pushing the Step Start Walk n Ride, it transforms into a fun riding toy. He can pretend he's just like mom and dad, driving along in his own car! This toy also encourages important developmental skills, including spatial awareness, fundamental movement skills, and more!

It's More Than Play... This Toy Also Teaches:

Fundamental Movement Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Midline Development
Spatial Awareness
Fitness & Stamina
Fundamental Movement Skills

With bright, fun colors and snazzy accessories, the Step Start Walk n Ride encourages your child to stand, walk and push his legs as he rides. These activities all promote fundamental movement skills, or the ability to move the body from one place to another. These physical abilities develop from simple to complex and require hours and hours of trial and error to master.

Gross Motor Skills

When your child uses his tiny arms to push the Step Start Walk n Ride or uses his little legs to propel it across the floor, he's practicing gross motor skills. Having strong gross motor skills helps children understand how to use their limbs and control their bodies. Activities that encourage the use of large muscles, such as running, lifting, and pushing are key to gross motor skill development.


Whether they're just learning to stand or motoring along, the Step Start Walk n Ride encourages children to practice balancing. Good balance is a critical skill. Balance doesn't just help children when they are riding a bike or hopping on one foot; it also helps children learn to sit still.

Midline Development

The Step Start Walk n Ride encourages midline development, which is the ability to make different movements with different sides of the body at the same time. When children are young, they cannot reach across the body with the right hand to grab something on the left, or vice versa. The Step Start Walk n Ride allows your child to practice bilateral, or mirrored movements, by encouraging him to use both sides of his body together to propel forward. Developing bilateral movements is the first step to strong midline development. As children learn to make both sides of the bodywork together, they also develop new connections between the two hemispheres of the brain. Once midlines have been learned and developed, your child's preferred writing hand can begin to emerge.

Spatial Awareness

As he dodges the dog and boogies behind the chair, your child is learning to manipulate a large toy around big obstacles. Navigating around objects helps children learn about space and how much room their body takes up. This skill is called spatial awareness. Children need to gain an understanding of spatial awareness to figure out how to move around without banging into other objects. Spatial development is an ongoing skill. As your child's size changes, his center of gravity moves, and he'll need to relearn where his body begins and ends. Boogying along behind the Step Start Walk n Ride is an entertaining way for him to learn these important abilities.

Fitness & Stamina

Whether he's pushing the Step Start Walk n Ride and wobbling along behind it, or sitting on the toy and propelling it forward with his legs, your child is getting great exercise! Children don't get fit at the gym they get fit when they're bouncing, moving, and playing. Toys with a raised level of aerobic activity are excellent for developing endurance, confidence, and a healthy body. Physical activity also allows children to experience the adrenaline rushing through their bodies. It is important for children to have adrenaline experiences so they learn how to respond when they are in stressful situations and need to make split-second decisions as an adult.

Learn more together!

Want to join the fun? Playing with your child can boost his learning, and it gives him more time to bond with you! Try these simple tips to enhance your child's play experience:

Use sidewalk chalk to draw a road on the pavement. Ask your child to follow the path with his Step Start Walk n Ride. Draw a stop sign and encourage him to practice stopping.

Play "Red Light/Green Light" to give your child practice starting, stopping, and following directions.

Draw a parking spot on the pavement and ask your child to practice "parking" his ride. Find an extra set of keys and let him practice "locking" the car.

Ask your child to follow directions like go, stop, turn and freeze! Children learn concepts like forwarding, back, over, under, around, between, fast, slow when the words are repeated as they perform each action.

As your child maneuvers his Step Start Walk n Ride up the hall, between the couch and the chair, or around the table, say what he's doing out loud. When children hear these terms mentioned as they move, it reinforces their understanding of these important concepts.

Recommended Age: From 9 Months and Above.

Note: Colors on the picture are for illustration only and might vary from time to time.
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