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Boboduck: 5 in 1 UVC Sterilizer 19L

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💕 Product Description :

- UV steriliser can ensure a family life health and sanitation.

- Boboduck UV steriliser can kill up to 99.9% virus and bacteria.

- Boboduck UV steriliser unique function: making yogurt and dried fruit.

- Sterilizer can prevent all kinds of infectious disease to spread through alimentary canal effectively.

- UVC LED lamp disinfection and boiling water disinfection is currently the Safest physical sterilization mode.

👍Features :

🔸 UVC LED lamp with 19 mercury-free lamp beads.

🔸 LED lamp service life 6 years

🔸 8K mirror reflection technology

◾ 360 Degree comprehensive sterilization, no dead Angle, can be irradiated to all items

🔸 A variety of items can be disinfected.

🔸 Mom can use it to make yogurt and dried fruit.

🔸 19L sterilizer can store up to 12 bottles once time.

◾ Shelf can be disassembled to improve the space availability

🔸 Sterile storage

◾ Automatic disinfection and drying every 3 hours for 24 hours

🔸 60 ℃- 70 ℃low temperature - PTC ceramics drying. Moisture is removed avoid secondary contamination caused by bacterial growth during disinfection

🔸 PM 2.5 air filtration system - Eliminates 99.9% air bone contaminants.

🔸 Come with two trays can be disassembled to improve the space availability.

🔸 Power is automatically cut off when the cabinet door is opened during operation.

🔸 Comes with Malaysia adapter ; safety guaranteed.


✨Specification :


ProductUV Sterilizer


MaterialPPMA (Panel + ABS + 8K stainless steel

UV power5WRated power160W

Rated voltage220V-50Hz

Dimension273 x 295 x 385 mm / 10.75 x 11.6 x 15.16 inches


😘 Buyer's question :

👉 What's the difference between 10 L and 19 L?

◾ 10L can't make yogurt and dried fruit

◾ 10L sterilizer come with a rack tray, 19L sterilizer come with 2 rack trays

◾ 10L sterilizer function time is fixed, 19L sterilizer function time is adjustable

◾ 10L sterilizer can store up to 6 bottles once time 19L sterilizer can store up to 12 bottles once time

◾ 10L sterilizer come with 16 no mercury lamp beads ,19L sterilizer come with 19 no mercury lamp beads

◾ 10L sterilizer interial material is 304 stainless wheel, 19L sterilizer intenal material is 8K fine ground stainless steel 8K is the highest grade of stainless steel

Warranty : 1 Year

Boboduck warranty register online at brand_id=79


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Murah dan mudah by Wani from Selangor Malaysia
29 Sep 2021
Saya mencari Uv steriliser tapi di pasaran banyak yang sangat mahal. Saya sangat teruja apabila jumpa steriliser boboduck ini. Ia murah tapi juga berkualiti dan memudahkan kerja saya sebagai ibu bekerja. Dan suami pun tahu guna steriliser ini sebab ia senang until digunakan. Berbaloi..
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