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Apple Monkey: Organic Germinated Brown Rice Puff - Original

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Apple Monkey Rice Puff is a soft-baked finger food for your little yum seekers. Made with wholegrain organic Gaba brown rice and organic ingredients, it contains Gaba, Antioxidant, and fiber. Moreover, it is dairy-free and gluten-free which makes them a healthy snack for sensitive bellies. Serving Apple Monkey Rice Puff is not only help your baby develop his fine motor skills, but also provide a wide range of nutrients.

What is Germinated Rice?

Germinated brown rice is come from soaking washed brown rice into warm water for 1-2 days. This activates Rice's enzyme to work which makes rice sprouted. Sprouted rice has Gaba which helps balance human's brain, essential amino acid, and fiber.

Recommended Age : From 12 Months & Above

Packing : 3 Satchel x 10g / Box

EXPIRY DATE : 27/03/2020

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