Payment Plan Options

As part of our effort to ensure that our customers enjoys the best and quality baby products for their children, we always continue to search for more payment plan options to make sure that our customers are able to get their prefer products at affordable payment options. These are some of the payment plan options that we have currently:-

1. Special Payment Plan (SPP)

Special Payment Plan was started in April 2013. This plan is for customers who plan their purchases earlier. This is a plan a customers deals directly with Minimum purchase is RM1,000.00 (can combine few items). Maximum repayment period is 4 months. No interest will be charge for using this payment plan. In the event you want to cancel, there will be 20% re-stocking fees for your purchase and admin charges will apply. This options is available for both online and walk-in.

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2. Installment Payment Plan (IPP) - for Maybank Credit Card customers only.

Installment Payment Plan is only applicable for walk-in purchase. Customers must be present and present their Maybank credit card for this options. There will be interest of 4% for 6 months repayment period and 6% interest for 12 months repayment period. You can also combine few items but there are also a minimum purchase of RM500 for 6 months repayment period and RM1,000.00 for 12 months. Once the credit cards has been charged, you can collected your items immediately.

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3. AEON Credit Services (ACS)

AEON Credit Services is the latest additions payment options for parents who don't own a credit card. Approval for this credit services is at the discretion of AEON upon submission of all the necessary documents during applications. There are interest charges for using this options and you have few options of repayment periods subject to your purchases.

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Below is a quick summary of the 3 payment options :-