Mother-K: Sterilized Tooth Wipe


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Mother-K Sterilized Tooth Wipe | 30pcs

Mother-K Sterilized Tooth Wipes consist of 30 individual sachet of wipe. It used high pressure and high temperature steam sterilization. Production according to quasi-drug standard.

Ingredients: 100% pure water without additives, preservatives and chemicals. Safe to use in baby’s mouth.

Mother-K Sterilised Tooth Wipe
Mother-K Sterilised Tooth Wipe
Mother-K Sterilised Tooth Wipe

It is made from Benizee(TM) mesh fabric material which is made from cottonseed fluffy yarn. It is longer and thinner than regular cotton. So no residue will leave in baby’s mouth.


  • Before using oral wipe, please wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Roll oral wipe on your index finger.
  • Wipe around all surfaces of the gums, teeth, tongue and cheeks.
  • Use oral wipe immediately after opening sachet.
  • Dispose oral wipe after one use.


  • Some breastfeeding mummies found it helpful for wiping around the nipples before or after a feed.
  • Some adults use this tooth wipes for themselves.

Recommended Age : From Newborn & Above

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