Community Work

Community Work (a member of participates in many Child Passenger Safety Program to always encourage parents to use child restraint (child car seat) when travelling with children below 12 years old. 

One of co-owner, Mr. Louis Tan is a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician by Safe Kids Worldwide. 

One of the Program is car seat check where we check whether the correct car seat is used and correct installation is done. Our aim is to educate parents to use the correct child restraint (Child Car Seat) according to their weight, age, and height. 

Correct installation is also very important because it saves lives.

Below are some of the community activity participated by our company to spread and create more awareness and correct usage of Child Car Seat.

Car Seat Check

Is your child car seat is installed correctly ? Am I using the right directions, Am I putting it at the right locations ? Is this the right car seat for my child ? 

These are among the common questions parents ask and would like to find out more. From the car seat check, these questions will be solved and parents can learn more.

Car Seat check is done by our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician by Safe Kids Worldwide. 

Car Seat Talk also offers car seat talks (with CPSMalaysia) for corporate company and other organisation that wanted to promote Child Passenger Safety. 

Talks subject are discuss and subject to the target group of parents. Some talks will also includes a short demonstration and games.

Car seat talks length are from 30 minutes to 1 hour normally .

Car Seat Ambassador Program

It is very important to use the child seat correctly. Some corporate company or organisation would like to have selected employees to spread the awareness of Child Passenger Safety in the organisation or helping in community service. 

We have program like this to share the basic information of Child Passenger Safety and the selected employees will be able to share more knowledge in the company with regards to Child Passenger Safety.

Child Passenger Safety Awareness Event

Many corporate company share lots of safety information to their employee as a caring company. Some of these company going extra miles caring for the family members too. 

By working with our company and CPSMalaysia, corporate companies can care for their employee's children to ensure that they are transport in the best and safe way possible.

Child Passenger Safety With Government Agencies also work with various government department for Child Passenger Safety.  Part of our initiatives to make Malaysian parents aware of the importance of child passenger safety.