Contigo: Straw Bottle



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    Contigo Straw Bottle

    A. CONTIGO AUTOSPOUT ™ – Gizmo | 420ml | 14oz

    Like a spunky Saturday morning cartoon character, Gizmo is the perfect spill-proof sidekick to all your kid’s adventures (even the upside-down ones, thanks to the spill-proof valve).

    Kids get a kick out of pressing the button for the pop-up straw; plus, the protective spout cover helps guard against germs and messy situations (because let’s face it, kids are the greatest at covering their mouths when they sneeze)

    Contigo Gizmo Straw Bottle 420ml WINK DANCERContigo Gizmo Straw Bottle 420ml WIISTERIA FLOWERContigo Gizmo Straw Bottle 420ml GREEN DINOSAUR

    Fret no more, the Contigo Kids AUTOSPOUT™ Straw Water Bottle with Easy-Clean Lid has come to the rescue!

    Kids get a kick out of pressing a button to open the pop-up straw for effortless one-handed drinking, and they can easily push the spout under the cover to protect the mouthpiece from the elements. Adults appreciate that the straw features a spill-proof valve of Contigo Straw Bottle so car seats and tables are safe from spills—even if little ones hold the bottle upside down.

    When it’s time to clean up, you’ll be happy to know that all parts of the Contigo Straw Bottle are top-rack dishwasher-safe, the lid easily disassembles for full-access cleaning, and the Contigo Straw Bottle’s lid is designed to eliminate all nooks and crannies in which dirt and grime might accumulate. Rest assured, your Contigo Straw Bottle is made with FDA-approved, BPA-free materials that won’t give off plastic odors or tastes. For ages 3 and up.

    Contigo Gizmo Straw Bottle 420ml SAPPHIRE DINOSAURContigo Gizmo Straw Bottle 420ml SAPPHIRE SAILBOATContigo Gizmo Straw Bottle 420ml CHARCOAL SHARKContigo Gizmo Straw Bottle 420ml CHERRY BLOSSOM LOVE BIRDS

    • A thoughtfully engineered squeeze bottle is excellent for easy one-handed drinking
    • The lid is spill and leak-proof, featuring AUTOSPOUT® technology, drink from the bottle with the simple press of a button
    • The hygienic protective cover over the spout keeps dirt and germs away from straw
    • Drink to the last drop thanks to the angled straw
    • Great for school, and sports, fits most car cup holders
    • BPA Free material
    • Top rack dishwasher safe
    • For using~ Ages 3 and above
    • 1 Month Warranty by Local Supplier

    B. CONTIGO AUTOSPOUT ™ – Ashland | 710ml | 24oz

    The ultimate hydration companion, this extra-large capacity Ashland has all the features you already love in a straw water bottle – and more. It’s basically the Holy Grail of straw water bottles or at least the one that will get everyone in your office talking. Easy one-handed drinking, Contigo Straw Bottle’s spout cover to protect against dirt and germs, and a thoughtfully engineered straw to get every last sip. So go ahead and start hydrating.

    • Powered by Autospout Technology™ that provides 100% on-the-go leak-proof confidence in a closed position
    • One-handed operation
    • Safe Drinking – Protective spout cover to keep out dirt and germs
    • Easy to clean lid
    • Straw can be disassembled for full-access cleaning
    • Top-rack dishwasher safe
    • Button lock for added security on the go
    • Carabiner clip for easy on-the-go transportation
    • Convenient volume markings for easy measuring and tracking
    • BPA free
    • Material: Odor and stain-resistant TRITAN™
    • Additional size: 1200ml in Monaco only
    • Not suitable for carbonated beverages

    COntigo Ashland Straw Bottle 710ml STORMY WEATHERCOntigo Ashland Straw Bottle 710ml SCUBACOntigo Ashland Straw Bottle 710ml MARYGOLDCOntigo Ashland Straw Bottle 710ml GRAPEVINECOntigo Ashland Straw Bottle 710ml VIBRANT LIMECOntigo Ashland Straw Bottle 710ml VERY BERRY


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    Marigold, Grapevine, Turquoise, Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Navy, Wisteria Flower On The Vine, Wink Dancer, Cherry Blossom Love Birds, Jungle Green Friendly Dinosaur, Charcoal Shark, Sapphire Sailboat, Sapphire Dinosaur, Stormy Weather, Very Berry, Scuba, Vibrant Lime


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