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UV Sterilizer or Steam Sterilizer Malaysia

Bottle Sterilizers , steam sterilizers or UV sterilizers? Do I need it ? Both the products can make your day easier without waiting for hot water. With a sterilizer, you can just wash your bottles and put it into the sterilizer, add water and press the button. The sterilization process will start and you can just leave the sterilized items in there for some time. Then come back to manage when you have time after handling your baby.

Do I Really Need Steam or UV Sterilizers?

The most simple and conventional way to sterilize is using boiling water. If you think the conventional way is good. You can always save on getting a sterilizer. 

Steam sterilizers or UV sterilizers are modern ways of sterilization. It makes our modern and busy life easier with a push of a button after washing the bottles or the accessories. You can then do whatever other important matters and come back to attend the sterilized bottle in the sterilizers.

Which is the BEST? UV Sterilizers or Steam Sterilizers?

Both do their task well. UV Sterilizer is more expensive and steam sterilizer is cheaper. UV sterilizer uses UV light to kill the germs and bacteria. Steam sterilizer uses steam to do the job. 

UV sterilizer will need to change the light bulk but steam sterilizer will need to descale, you can descale using acid citric. Most steam sterilizers do not have the drying functions, some do come with the drying function. For UV sterilizers, it is normally more heavy and bulky. You really need a dedicated place to put this electrical item. 

How Often Should I Sterilize Baby Bottle?

Most experts recommend that you sterilize the baby bottle once or twice a week. If your child is sick, you can sterilize more often to ensure that there are less germs or bacteria.

However, from our findings, most people sterilize every time they wash the bottle.

How Many Baby Bottle Can I Sterilize At One Time?

Usually at least 4 bottles or more are allowed to be sterilized at the same time. Some bugger UV sterilizer or Steam Sterilizer can fit up to 8 bottles at the same time. 

Most parents will collect a few bottles and sterilize them at once as each time you sterilize, you will need to use the electricity. 

Can I Sterilize Other Items In The UV Sterilizer or Steam Sterilizer?

For UV sterilizer, it was designed to sterilize many items from baby toys to even your mobile phone. We strongly recommend that you check the user manual for what items are suitable to sterilize.

As for steam sterilizer, most people will use it to sterilize only the kitchen utensils or the breast pump accessories only. Steam sterilizer uses steam and will be wet after it is sterilized.

Do UV Sterilizers or Steam Sterilizers Need Servicing?

You are advised to refer to the user manual for this as each product has different settings and design. Some are required to service up to the number of hours used, some are by months and some are by number of time. 

Baby Bottle Warmer

Warmer can help you warm the breast milk or food. Some are warmer faster and some will take slightly more time to warm the food. It is also subjective to the amount of breast milk or food put into warmth.

The basics of the bottle warmer is using hot water to warm the bottle that will warm the milk in the bottle. 

Can I Skip Buying Bottle Warmers?

Yes, we still have many parents telling us that they never buy any baby bottle warmer. They engage conventional ways of using hot water and a bowl to warm the milk. For this method, you are recommended to get ready the hot water at all times.

Can I have Other Methods to Warm the Milk?

The best and safer way to warm the breast milk is using a warmer or with a bowl of hot water. Never microwave heat your breast milk as it is believed that it will damage the nutrients in the milk.

How Fast Can A Warmer Warm the Milk?

Usually 8 minutes or above subject to the warmer. Usually, the warmer will boil or warm the water before the hot water will warm the milk in the bottle. This process normally will take some time and cannot be instances.

How Many Bottle Can I Warm The Milk At One Time With Baby Bottle Warmers?

One bottle at a time. It is normally not recommended to warm more than how much the baby can drink or pre-prepare the milk.

Do I Need To Service Bottle Warmers?

Usually no servicing or maintenance is required for bottle warmers. The mechanics in the bottle warmer are simple and not complicated compared to other electrical items.