Thinking of getting ISOFIX Car seat? Chat with us and understand the myth of ISOFIX car seat. We have wide range for you to choose. Some are really easy and some are not as easy as you might think.


Isofix was develop by Britax and Volkswagen in 1197 to reduce the error in installation. However, ISOFIX is UNR (Europe) type of installation. If you get a FMVSS (US Standard) car seat. It is called Lower Anchor and Tether for CHilren (LATCH). LATCH is commonlyused in United States and Canada.


What is ISOFIX Car Seat?

Isofix is an international standard forattachment point for installation of child car seat at the passenger seat. Isofix car seat has rigid lower anchor attachment compare to LATCH that has flexiblelower attachment.


What is the function of ISOFIX Car Seat?

The main functions of the ISOFIX is to reducethe errorof the baby car seat installation. Many parents install car seat wrongly when install using the 3-point car seat belt. Usually, the baby car seat that install using 3-point seat belt are tend to be more "complicated".


Is ISOFIX Car Seat better than Belt Car Seat?

ISOFIX car seat is much easier to install and less error of installation thus it is safer. But wrong installationis also as dangerous to the baby or the child. It is more on the correct installation and correct usagethat ensure the safety of the child. Not type of installation.


Can I Pre-installed ISOFIX Attachment To My Car That Does Not Have ISOFIX?

NO, your ISOFIX attachmentin the car must comes together with the vehicle when you purchase it. You are advise to check your user manual if you bought the used car and not sure whether it comes with the vehicle or not. You should NEVER install an ISOFIX attachment in your vehicle as it was not tested for the safety.


How Many ISOFIX Attachment In A Vehicle?

2, usually most vehicle comes with 2 ISOFIX attachment. Both at the 2nd row of the vehicle. Multipurpose Vehicle or Family Wagon also come with 2 ISOFIX attachment.


What Is The Standard Width Between The ISOFIX Attachment?



What is the weight limit for ISOFIX installation?

18kg (Child's weight). Is was use to be 33kg combine weight for the children and the baby car seat. But due to the problem with different car seat has different weight. It is hard to identify your baby car seat weight.