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Infant Carrier also name baby carrier in some place. Some parents would prefer Infant Carrier because they travel very often in and out from the car and their house. By using Infant Carrier, you will not disturb your baby's sleep. Infant Carrier are also name Infant Car Seat in some place. Can be use in the car by using attached base or using car seat belt to fasten it. All Infant Carrier will have a handle.

1. Does not disturb your baby while traveling.
2. Some can be attach to stroller for convenient.
3. Suitable for newborn due to it's recline position.

1. Usage time are normally very short, approx up to 12 months.
2. Some are very heavy and some mother could not carry after delivered their baby.
3. Some does not come with base which could be quite difficult for some parents to fasten the Infant Carrier.

Suitable for:
1. Parents who travel very often.
2. Parents who have 2 cars and one sent the baby to babysitter in the morning and another pick him/her up in the evening.

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