Infant Carrier also Called baby carrier in some places, it is also famous with the name of newborn car seat or infant car seat.. Some parents would prefer Infant Carrier because they travel very often in and out from the car and their house. By using Infant Carrier, you will not disturb your baby's sleep. Infant carrier can be used in the car by using an attached base or using car seat belt to fasten it. All Infant Carriers will have a handle.

Infant Carrier is in the Group 0 or 0+ in the Car Seat categories for ECE R44 car seats. Group 0 is for usage from 0-10kg and Group 0+ is for usage from 1-13kg. The newer Infant Carrier for ECE R129 is base on height.

What Are Advantages of Infant Carrier / Infant Car Seat?

1. Do not disturb your baby while traveling. However, newborn babies are recommended to be seated in an infant carrier for not more than 30 minutes. Stop and carry the child out of the infant carrier.

2. Some can be attached to strollers for convenience.

3. Suitable for newborn due to it's recline position and size.

What Are Disadvantages of Infant Carrier / Infant Car Seat?

1. Usage time is normally very short, approx. up to 12 months.

2. Some are very heavy and some mothers could not carry them after delivering their baby.

3. Some do not come with a base which could be quite difficult for some parents to fasten the Infant Carrier.

Can Newborn Babies Use An Infant Carrier / Infant Car Seat?

Yes, babies discharged from office travel in a vehicle are safer in an infant carrier or newborn car seat. However, you need to understand that newborn babies cannot be seated in an infant carrier for more than 30 minutes. 

It is recommended that you plan your journey if your distance is an issue. 

Can Baby Carrier / Infant Car Seat Install Front-facing?

No, the baby carrier can only be installed rear-facing.

Can Baby Sleep In the Infant Carrier / Infant Car Seat?

Infant Carrier is not a sleeping device. You do not use them for your baby to sleep. However, babies will sleep in the Infant Carrier when they are tired. A short nap or quick nap is allowed in the Infant Carrier?

Where Can I Install an Infant Carrier ? Infant Car Seat?

The recommended location for Infant Carrier / Infant Car Seat is at 2nd row seat (Behind driver or behind the front passenger). For center installation, if you can get a tight installation or the belting or installation allowed, you can also consider the center seat.

In Malaysia, if your vehicle can DISABLE the airbag at the front passenger seat, you are allowed to install your infant carrier / infant car seat at these locations.

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In An Infant Carrier / Infant Car Seat?

30 minutes for Newborns to approximately 6 months old. Children older than 6 months could be up to 60 minutes in the infant carrier. However, you are advised to monitor their safety as each baby has a different growth rate and is unique.

Who Should Consider Buying Infant Carrier / Infant Car Seat

1. Parents who travel very often.

2. Parents who have 2 cars and one sends the baby to babysitter in the morning and another picks him/her up in the evening.

3. Parents who want more snug and comfort sleep for the small babies

4. Parents with preemies. (Premature baby)

5. Parents who want to train all their children in car seats and plan to have 2-3 children.

6. Parents who plan to have a few babies in the shortest time frame plan.

When Do I Change My Baby To Another Car Seat From Infant Carrier / Infant Car Seat?

  • When the babies reaches the recommended weight usage
  • When the baby's shoulder level is 2cm above than the highest harness slot
  • When the baby's head reaches the top of the shell

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