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Car Seats is to transport your baby in the car at the most safer way. Many countries has regulation on using car seat to transport the baby with car seat until 8 or 12 years old. There are many types of car seat such as infant car seat, convertible car seat, booster car seat. Car Seat is also being breakdown into group.?

Group 0 is infant car seat or baby carries which is suitable from newborn up to 10kg (~ 10 months).?

Group 0+ is infant car seat from newborn up to 13 kg (~ 15 months).?

Group 1 car seat is from 9 months to 18kg. (~10 Months to 4 years)

Group 2 car seat is for child between 15kg to 25 kg (~3 years to 6/7 years old).?

Group 3 is from 22 kg and above up to 36 kg. (~5/6 years to 12 years)

Some car seats are combine all group from group 0+, 1, 2 & 3 which is longer usage. In Malaysia, group 0+/1 car seat is among the most popular.

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