Booster Car Seat, the complete name for these car seats, are belt-positioning booster car seats. As the name suggests, the main functions of the booster seats is to position the belt at the correct and safer location of a child and protect them during a crash.

Boosters normally come in 2 different forms, high back booster and backless booster. High back booster comes with a back and provides better support for younger children and has head support to support their head for long distance travel.

As for backless booster, it is also named booster cushion in some places. New car seat standard for backless boosters now only allows for Group 3 only (at least 22kg and 125cm and above) compared to the old standard which allows for Group 2 & 3. (starts from 15kg). 

For more safety, it is recommended to use the high back booster as long as possible. You are also advised to check the features of the booster seat, this is because some high back booster can turn to backless booster and some cannot.

Less parents will buy this because many think it is not necessary anymore. If given an option, try to compare the location of the seat belt when you fasten your child with versus without a booster seat. If you notice, the belt locations make the child comfortable and safer for them. Come over to our walk-in store and we will show you.

Why Do My Child Need A Booster Car Seat? 

Children can sit on their own and you can fasten your seat belt around them. However, the seat belts cannot protect the children during a crash because the location of the seat belt is not at the safest and correct place that will reduce the injury of a child during a crash.

When Should My Child Start Using Booster Car Seat?

4 Years and above is recommended. Booster car seat recommendation weights are from 15kg and above ~approx. 3 years old. However, it is recommended to fasten your child using the 5-point harness as long as possible according to the car seat recommendations. 

For best practice, it is recommended from 18kg ~approx. 4 years old of age and above. 

Where Is The BEST Place To Install A Booster Car Seat?

As usual, the best location is at the 2nd row of the vehicle, which is behind the driver or the front passenger. If you are able to get a good and tight installation at the center, you can also consider that location. 

As for Malaysia guidelines, you are allowed to install your Booster car seat at the front passenger seat.

Can My Child Use a Booster Car Seat With a 2-Point Seat Belt?

NO, all booster car seats can only be used with a 3-point car seat belt.

Can A Booster Seat Recline?

Most booster car seats in the market cannot be reclined. However, there are some allowed to recline according to the weight of the child. You are advised to check on this feature before buying a booster car seat.

What is better? High back Booster Car Seat or Backless Booster Car Seat?

For better safety and comfort, it is recommended to use a high back booster car seat as long as possible until your child reaches the limits on weight or the size. You need to check whether your child meets both the height and weight limits for backless booster seats for new standards since 2017.

Which Is The BEST Booster Car Seat?

Our golden rules for best car seat are:-

  • Suitable for your child
  • Suitable for your vehicle
  • Easy for you to use it correctly every time
  • Suits your budget.


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