Baby Food Processor Malaysia

You want to provide the best for your babies. You want to ensure that the baby food they consume is the best and safest and you know the ingredients in the baby food. You should read this article to get the best baby food processor for your babies.

Baby food processors when compared to some of the food processors that we usually bought are slightly different. Because these baby food processors were designed to process food that is suitable and friendly for the baby. There are some basic food processors in the market but most of those are on the high side in terms of price.

What Are Baby Food Processors?

Baby food processors are meant to process food that is suitable for babies to consume. The Baby's digestive system is different. They need the baby food to be processed differently so that it does not kill the nutrients within the ingredients and is also suitable for them to digest. 

Why Do I Need a Baby Food Processor?

If you like to cook and prepare food from scratch for your baby. Getting a baby food processor will help you in many ways, it ensures that the food is processing that is suitable for your baby to consume, it will not be mixed with another food flavor if you process your baby food using the same food processor for adult, 

When Should I Start Getting A Baby Food Processor?

Usually when the baby is approximately 6 months and above. This is the time when the baby starts to eat solids and the mother needs to prepare some solid baby food for their baby. 

Can I Use Ordinary Food Processors To Processor My Baby's Food?

Yes, you can if you know that the ordinary food processor that you bought can produce the baby food. Some ordinary food processors cannot produce food that is suitable for a baby to consume. You are advised to read the user manual and check with the brand owner of the food processor you're bought.

How To Look For the Best Baby Food Processor?

Many parents start looking for baby food processors when their babies are at 4-5 months. This gives them ample time for the selection of a suitable baby food processor for their usage and their baby. 

However, some parents are puzzled why some baby food processors are below RM100 and some are more than RM1000.00. 


  • Steamer - One of the basic functions of the baby food processor, is to steam food to make it soft for the baby to consume. It is also to make the food softer so that it is easy for the mother to mashed the food for the baby.
  • Blender - Blender makes it easy for parents to deform a food to a smaller size for the baby to consume. It also depends on the power, speed, and blade of the blender.
  • Reheat - Reheat the baby food at a temperature that is suitable for the baby to consume. A right reheat temperature will also help to preserve the nutrients in the baby food.
  • Defrost - Defrost feature makes the job done faster as the food can be prepared in a shorter time. Defrost process usually takes time to complete and proper defrost is important to ensure the food can be cooked or steamed.
  • Sterilizer - This function will help to sterilize some small items to kill germs.
  • Porridge / Rice / Pasta cooker - Babies will start with porridge/congee at about 6 months and eventually start to eat rice or pasta at the altar stage. With these features, you know that the food processor can produce food for the baby when they grow.
  • Bottle warmer - Warms milk at feeding temperature evenly to preserve essential nutrients.
  • Capacity - Some of the baby food processors are a bigger capacity and some are a smaller capacity. You will need to know and understand your capacity requirement.
  • Design & Material - Some of the baby food processors are inquest design, it comes with separate sections for different functions, some you can perform 2 tasks at the same time. Some baby food processors only allow one task at one time. Some of the materials used to make the baby food processor are BPA-free and are of much better quality compared to some.


Not all products are the same and not all products will have all the feature mentioned above. You are to check properly the features in each products before dicing which one suits your usage.

Does Baby Food Processor Come With Warranty?

Most baby food processors come with a warranty. Minimum of 6 months onwards. However, you are required to check with the seller or the brand owner of the baby food processor before purchasing. Even different models under the same brand could have different warranty periods or different warranty coverage.

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