Quick Car Seat Tips


Car Seat is one of the important items in today's newborn baby checklist. In some places, it is also called a baby seat or child car seat, some call this product as an infant car seat, newborn car seat, but its scientific name is called Child Restraint System (CRS).


As a car seat is a safety product, getting the right one is very crucial for many parents. Parents face lots of challenges getting the right one for their children. At, we understand this feeling well.


How Many Types of Car Seat Are There?

Baby Car Seats come in various categories in the ECE R44 standards, it is divided into groups like 0, 0+, 1, 2 & 3. Each group is separated by the usage based on weight.


There are newer standards under UNR 129 (ECE R129) or called I-Size, which was introduced in 2013. UNR 129 car seat has more rigid testing as it was tested with a newer crash dummy (with more sensor for more accurate result), side-impact test. And includes height of the child as the main criteria for selecting the child seat supported by weight and age. Currently, more of the I-size car seats are Isofix car seats. The most current updated version of UNR129 standards (2019) does include Chest Clip, and belt installation method. 


Which Is The BEST Car Seat?

Common questions that we received from parents, the best is the one most suitable for your baby, suitable for your vehicle, easy for you to use it correctly all the time, plus suit your budget.


Why Should You Consider Buying Baby Car Seat From Us?

  • Trainer for Malaysia Child Occupant Safety Training Program (MycostP).
  • Child Occupant Safety Instructor (COSI) under Malaysia Child Occupant Safety Training Program (MycostP)
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician and Instructor
  • Indoor Car Seat Testing & Installation Facility (INCSIATiF)


We also have our first Indoor Car Seat Testing and Installation Facility (INCSIATiF) at Setia Alam, the first indoor facility for car seat test fitting and installation in Malaysia. Come over to meet us or contact us via Whatsapp for car seat assistance.