Baby Bedding and Baby Mattress Malaysia

Baby Beddings / Baby Crib Set

Baby Beddings is one of the essential items. Because the baby will need to sleep and you want to ensure they sleep comfortably and safely. As all human needs to sleeps and we spent 1/3 of our time sleeping, and proper sleep and good posture sleep is also the main factor that it is really important to carefully research on both baby bedding and baby mattress.

What Is Normally In A Set Of Baby Beddings / Crib Set?

There is no standard set of baby beddings in the market. But most baby beddings will includes the following:-


  • Crib Sheet / Bed Sheet (1 piece)
  • Baby Pillow (1 piece)
  • Baby Bolsters 1/2 pieces)
  • Cot Bumper (2 pieces)
  • Comforter ( 1 piece)
  • Diaper Stacker (Optional)


The above sets are not a standard set. You are advised to check with the retailers before making a purchase and assume it has all the items.

For baby beddings, normally it is used at the same time with a wooden baby cot. Some parents will buy some of the items but not in a set and use it at different places subject to their own lifestyle. 

How Many Set of Baby Beddings / Baby Crib Set Should I Buy?

2 Sets. You are recommended to get 2 sets so that you have an extra set to change to when one is dirty and needs cleaning. However, some will get more than 2 sets. 

What material is the best material for baby bedding / Baby Crib Set?

There are few types of fabrics that baby beddings manufacture from. Cotton, Knit Cotton, Bamboo to name a few. It is recommended that you are also aware of the material so that you know and understand how to clean the baby beddings.

There is no best material as every material is unique. Some material is soft and easy to maintain but it could be quite pricey.

How Often Should I Change and Wash The Baby Beddings / Baby Crib Set?

Every week. It is recommended that you change and clean the baby bedding / baby crib set every week. Small babies will easily get sick due to weaker antibody systems. You can then change to wash it once every 2 weeks when they are older.

Baby Mattress

How To Choose A Baby Mattress?

There are few things you need to know and understand before you start searching for the best baby mattress. The size you need for your cot, the material of the baby mattress and how to maintain it. With these basic information, you are able to choose one that is most suitable for your baby and your usage.

Apart from that, most branded and quality baby mattresses come with warranty. It ranges from 12 months to 6 years. You are advised to check what the warranty covers. 

Some baby mattresses are soft and some are harder. Usually material such as Latex and Memory foam baby mattresses are softer and Spring mattress and coconut fiber mattresses are harder. 

How Many Types of Baby Mattress Material?


  • Latex
  • Memory Foam
  • Spring Mattress
  • Coconut Fibre
  • Foam


These are the most popular materials for baby mattresses. Each material comes with it?s own benefits and weaknesses. You are advised to understand each type of the material before engaging one that is suitable for your baby.

How Many Sizes of Baby Mattress Are There?

Baby mattress comes in these sizes in Malaysia:-


  • 24" x 48" (W) x (L)
  • 28" x 52" (W) x (L)
  • 28" x 55" (W) x (L)


As for the thickness, a baby mattress normally starts with a thickness of 3 inches. The highness is usually 6 inches. There is no point in having a baby mattress that is thicker than 6 inches as it will make it easy for babies to climb out of the cot if the baby mattress is too thick.

Which Baby Mattresses Are The Best For Baby?

All the baby mattresses are good. It is also subject to your usage and lifestyle. As mentioned on the softness and the harness, some parents will love softer material because it is much easier to transport. Those harder material like coconut fibre or spring mattresses cannot be folded if you need to travel.

Do Baby Mattresses Come With Warranty?

Most baby mattresses come with a warranty. It is recommended to check with the retailer on the period of warranty. Some come with 3 years to 6 years of warranty. However, you are also advised to check what the warranty cover is. 

How To Clean Baby Mattress ?

For cleaning of the baby mattresses, you need to check how to clean it properly with the retailers or the manufacturers. We noticed that some use water and some use some sort of detergent or spray formula to clean the baby mattresses. 

Again, it is recommended to check with the manufacturers on cleaning the baby mattresses, although some claim it can clean but a special detergent might be required. Baby mattresses like latex cannot be "sun to dry? because it will spoil the texture of the latex. You would not want to void the warranty for wrongly cleaning your baby mattress.

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