Bumble Bee: Organic Pacifying Pillow


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Bumble Bee Pacifying Pillow
Bumble Bee: Organic Pacifying Pillow
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Bumble Bee Organic Pacifying Pillow | Bean Sprout Pillow

Newborns are prone to startling shocks during their sleep. Our experienced elders will always make a special “Ya Jing Pillow” with beans or rice for the babies. Real-life experience and usage have proven that they can effectively aid babies to sleep better. Bumble Bee is hence determined to continue the great cultural heritage with our innovative Organic Pacifying Pillow.

Advantages of Bumble Bee Organic Pacifying Pillow:

  • Reduce baby’s startled shocks
  • 100% natural resources
  • Lightweight, odorless and safe
  • Air ventilation and cooling effect
  • Environmentally friendly

Bumble Bee Organic Pacifying Pillow KING OF HEARTS

Bumble Bee Pacifying Pillow FUN TIME

Bumble Bee Pacifying Pillow BEAR TREKKING TRIP



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Bear's Trekking Trip, Fun Time, Lovely Garden, Love, Spring Blossom Time, Denim Bunny, King Of Hearts, Stripes


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