Bumble Bee Dimple Pillow
Bumble Bee: Dimple Pillow



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Bumble Bee: Dimple Pillow


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Bumble Bee Dimple Pillow

Bumble Bee Dimple Pillow is designed for parnets who needs to prevent the flat-head syndrome for their baby. It also help to reduce the chance of the Sudden Infant Death (SID) among the newborns with it’s shape.

Comes with various amazing design for you to choose from that are design with knit cotton fabric.


  • 100%  Knit Cotton
  • 280 Thread Count per 10sq cm
  • Suitable for newborn baby

Packing: 1pc/pack

Bumble Bee Dimple Pillow FUN TIME     Bumble Bee Dimple Pillow BEAR TREKKING TRIP     Bumble Bee Dimple Pillow LOVELYLY GARDEN


Lovely Garden, Bear's Trekking Trip, Fun Time, Spring Blossom Time, Denim Bunny, Love, King Of Hearts, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Stripes


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