Buds: Cherished Organics – Baby Bum Balm

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Buds Cherished Organics Baby Bum Balm 50ml

Buds Baby Bum Balm contains the ORGANIC BEESWAX Creating a barrier between baby’s skin and the contents of the diaper, thus help preventing irritation and discomfort on the baby’s skin.

It also contains the soothing SPENT GRAIN WASH and essential fatty acids that are rich in INCA INCHI. The combination of JOJOBA OIL and SuNFLOWER OIL as well as SHEA BUTTER help to moisturise as VITAMIN E delivers anti-oxidants. This combination of ingredients along with anti-bacterial TEA TREE OIL provides unrivalled security, soothing and healing properties.

Instructions: Rub a fingertips worth of Buds Baby Bum Balm between your hands to soften it, then smooth delicately across the baby’s bottom. Take note of folds and folds. Apply at minimum of four times per day. Baby’s who are in the process of teething and weaning or who are beginning solids could require more frequent applications because these milestones may be associated with diaper rash.

Content: 50ml / tube

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Dimensions8 × 8 × 10 cm


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