: Affiliates Program

Become An Affiliate & Make Generous Commissions 

Yes, we are serious! You can earn commission with joining as Affiliates!

4 Simple Steps:-
1. Own a website/blog/Social Media like Facebook or Instagram
2. Register account with us.
3. Register Affiliate account with us by clicking at the link at the end of the page.
4. Copy the code, share and start earning.

What is the commission I will get as Affiliate?
7% of the total purchase. 
For example, if you introduce a friend and she bought RM400 with us, you will get RM28 commission in your affiliate account.

How soon can I get my commission?
As soon as you reaches RM50 commission, you can opt for withdrawal of the commission.

How can I get my commission?
Maybank2u Bank transfer, Bank Transfer, Paypal or Gift Certificates.

By joining Affiliates Program, you are bound by our Affiliates terms and conditions, subject to change from time to time.

Terms and Conditions:-
1. You must own a website/blog/Social Media. will review the content of the website/blog and subject to approval. Content which have conflicts of interest will not be approve.
2. Website / blog / Social Media must be operational with valid content when you apply. will not approve websites/blogs which is "Under Constructions".
3. have the right to terminate any website/blog from Affiliate Program which is not active/not updated for more than a month.
4. All commission are paid in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) only. Subject to approval.
5. Commissions are only be paid when it reaches RM50.00 or above.
6. Affiliates will need to request for commission once it reaches RM100.00 or above.

Don't know how to promote? We got your back! We prepare the marketing material for you. You just need to download it and published it on your Social Media post.

Liaise with us today to start earning!

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