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Baby Cot is also baby bed. Baby cot are mostly made from wood. Some are made from solid wood and some are not. Standard size for baby size is divided into small (24" x 48") and big cot (28" x 52"). Most of the big cot can convert to single bed or playpen and the level can be adjusted. 

Baby cot is mostly have a drop side which makes it very convenient for parents to carry the baby from the cot and put the baby in the cot.Some baby cot drop side need to use both hands and some only uses one hand. Baby cot mattress normally comes in 3", 4" and maximum of 6". Our baby cots are divided into Ramin and Pine wood. Ramin are mostly local manufacture cot and Pine are from New Zealand. All cots comes with wheels and subject whether you want to install or not.
* All Prices Inclusive of GST at 6%